Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

Red Hot Chili Peppers were conceived in 1983 in a living
room in Hollywood where four close buddies from Fairfax
High School (Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, flea and Jack
Irons) performed an acappella rehearsal for a performance
to take place at the legendary Rhythm Lounge. The
performance consisted of one song, "Out In L.A." which,
traditionally, remained their opening song in every live
show to date. [Up to November '89 definitely not for BSSM
tour in '91, maybe not for '90 tour - lsh] The band soon
developed a strong following More...

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Review about Red Hot Chili Peppers songs
Listened to this since i was a kid | Reviewer: WhyDoYouNeedToKnow
    ------ About the song Otherside performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I love this song, it has a true meaning other than todays pop songs, 14 and yet I can understand every meaning in the lyrics, lyrics are like books, they tell storys ^~^

Just an amazing song | Reviewer: Tess :D
    ------ About the song Hey performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hey! (lol)
I'm just addicted to this song... that's just all I want to say, I think, bcause this song takes you to a place you don't want to be, but you do, I just can't discribe what I'm feeling bcause it's all so frking complicated and shit... but if you're going through a breakup, please listen this song, it will help you forget about that person... I could know bcause I did the same thing.. :D
see you maybe..
P.S sorry for my shitty English, I'm from the Netherlands.. ^^

new world order | Reviewer: john is god
    ------ About the song Californication performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song references the nwo so much . Psychic spies are remote viewers . Population control is mentioned as the elite already are doing with flouride , vaccines and gmos . One of the reasons john left the band is because they were totally infiltrated by the shadow government as they grew bigger and had more influence . John had his awakening , he knows the truth

nice | Reviewer: love music xlr8 it
    ------ About the song If You Have To Ask performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

i found the that it related to me in a way so i liked it a fair bit but honestly its not one of red hot chillie peppers songs but it is an alrigt one soo i gave it a 6/10

    ------ About the song Falling Into Grace performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I'm not sure on the origin of the song, even though I read Scar Tissue, but I gotta say... Stadium Arcadium is no doubt the best album. Non stop pure unadulterated GOLD!!! Everybody knows that "one hot minute" was a sweet album, and sex sugar blood magic" could be argued to be their best (especially considering the sales of that album), but I had to put my two-cents in.... Stadium is the best.... In my opinion. U r welcome to your own opinion.

Coming from the Pleiades | Reviewer: Mystique
    ------ About the song Can't Stop performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

THIS SONG ROCKS HARD !!! The message is awesome too. It's about "the wave" of people all over the world tuning into a higher level of consciousness. I also like the reference to the Pleiades. Ancient cultures worldwide claim to have been visited by beings from the stars. They said they were a highly advanced race from the Pleiades..

"Can't stop the gods from engineering"
"Come from space to teach you of the Pleiades"

song meaning | Reviewer: hailey
    ------ About the song Snow (Hey Oh) performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Actually, if yal want to get technical, the song IS about drugs or anything else a human can get addicted to really...
It's a beautiful song about realizing how you're living your life is possibly consumed by drugs, alcohol,whatever... and starting over, or getting clean. great song

Help For The Needy | Reviewer: DieselEstate
    ------ About the song My Lovely Man performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers


Your grasp of English seems quite tenuous. Here's a sentence which contains every letter of the alphabet: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs. Type the sentence out whenever you feel you need to see the internet displaying some of your output. Many people know that sentence. Now, you can use it too, instead of having to rustle up some fresh nonsense, next time you allow the trolling urge to overwhelm you.

Hillel's biography | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Skinny Sweaty Man performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I sort of agree with DAF, any self respecting RHCP fan should know this song. It's about the late RHCP guitarist Hillel Slovak, not a song to be taken seriously just a little bit of fun by Anthony Kiedis.

Well done! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Quixoticelixer performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is def. an amazing thing from chili peppers! I really don't know what in this song i love most! :P
And maybe it's to late to answer some of who that asked about it (and i don't even know if i'm right) but i think John is like "come back, come back, heeey la la" on the chorus. Hahaha! Whatever it be, it's amazing like the whole song! <3

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