Ricky Skaggs Albums

  • Mosaic Album (9/25/2012)
    Can't Shake Jesus
    Someday Soon
    Shepherd's Voice
    Fire From The Sky
    I'm Awake Now
    You'll Find God
    A Work Of Love

  • Solo: Songs My Dad Loved Album (9/15/2009)
    Foggy River
    Little Maggie
    Green Pastures In The Sky
    This World Is Not My Home
    Branded Wherever I Go

  • Brand New Strings Album (9/28/2004)
    Sally Jo
    Sis Draper
    Enjoy The Ride
    Lonesome And Dry As A Bone
    Spread A Little Love Around
    If I Had It All Again To Do
    Why Did I Wait So Long?
    My Father's Son

  • History Of The Future Album (9/11/2001)
    Shady Grove
    Your Selfish Heart
    Dim Lights Thick Smoke
    The Old Home
    Mother's Only Sleeping
    Halfway Home Cafe
    Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms

  • Big Mon: The Songs Of Bill Monroe Album (8/29/2000)
  • Soldier Of The Cross Album (9/14/1999)
  • Ancient Tones Album (1/26/1999)
  • Country Gentleman Album (1/27/1998)
  • Bluegrass Rules! Album (10/21/1997)
  • Life Is A Journey Album (7/29/1997)
  • Solid Ground Album (11/7/1995)
  • My Father's Son Album (9/10/1991)
  • Kentucky Thunder Album (5/26/1989)
  • Comin' Home To Stay Album (10/1/1987)
  • Love's Gonna Get Ya Album (10/1/1986)
  • Country Boy (Epic) Album (10/1/1984)
  • Don't Cheat In Our Hometown Album (10/1/1983)
  • Highways And Heartaches Album (11/1/1982)
  • Family And Friends Album (10/1/1982)
  • Waitin' For The Sun To Shine Album (10/1/1981)
  • Skaggs And Rice Album (10/1/1980)
  • Sweet Temptation Album (10/1/1979)
  • That's It Album (10/1/1976)
  • Second Generation Bluegrass Album (10/1/1972)
  • Tribute To The Stanley Brothers Album (10/1/1971)

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