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Eric Bellinger Road Trip Lyrics

Last updated: 01/23/2014 06:03:35 PM

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What if we came up missing?
What if we left and told nobody at all?
Wonder if they will miss us...
Wander if they would ever care where we are


If it was up to me
Girl, I'd be down to leave
We'd be gone for the rest of our lives
Lord knows that you would be
The perfect scenery
So tell me if you're ready to ride
Just me and my baby


(Top down, can you picture us rolling?)
(But I don't have a clue where were going)
On a roadtrip destined for love
Just me be my baby
(Thrill me like were in slow motion)
(Close your eyes and let me get down and)
On a roadtrip destined for love
Let's go, shawty, lets go, mamma

Girl, I know what you're thinking
You got sme bills and I give you that 95
But I give you a new position
Promise that I'll be all you need to survive



How the music turned up, we won't remember where we've been
We ain't got no worries with your hair blowing in the wind
Lets forget about your girls, I'll forget about my friends
Girl, we won't need none of them, I swear all that I need

Is me and my baby!


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