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"…Cherry Blue Skies is the best blue-eyed soul record in
recent memory, the closest we're going to come to Stevie

         ---- ROLLING STONE (October 2002)

"[THICKE] rewrites the soul rule book…imagine Radiohead
backing up Marvin Gaye..."

         ---- INTERVIEW MAGAZINE (October 2002)

"…Throughout this unfettered debut…THICKE accesses the
freedom of rock without losing soul's textural and
structural More...

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Review about Robin Thicke songs
Let Go and Live | Reviewer: Strong J
    ------ About the song 2 The Sky performed by Robin Thicke

Love this song using it for my English Essay identifying poetic qualities of the song. It isn't so much poetic but it has a power message in the lyrics. Set yourself self free of all your burdens and negative energy. Surrender all your burdens and be free.Just give it to "2 The Sky"!

cocaine review | Reviewer: daylight
    ------ About the song Cocaine performed by Robin Thicke

This song always makes me awake and productive! I use it for work, in the office, or while cleaning my house, or anything that requires me to work on my To Do list. And I swear always get pumped. It's the rhythm that I liked and I was surprised that it has these lyrics. Maybe it was written with this exact purpose in mind - to make you addicted to work on your goal (or something to that effect).

A song to love by... | Reviewer: M. Kathryn
    ------ About the song Lost Without U performed by Robin Thicke

I love this song for so many reasons than one... my boyfriend plays the guitar and he played this for me... it was so cute he fumbled on a lyric and i picked it up and started to sing with him... it was storybook beautiful... and thats why i think this is a song to love by...

"cocaine" | Reviewer: Robin
    ------ About the song Cocaine performed by Robin Thicke

"Cocaine" is about a feeling, it's about a time, a scene, about the appeal of when people you think are cool are doing something. It's about what you think is cool and do you want to feel left out of something, do you want to be the only one that's not doing it, peer pressure situations. When I wrote that song... I had some old friends that were doing it, I had made some new friends that were doing it, and I was traveling from New York to L.A., and it seemed like it was everywhere and I felt like nobody was talking about it. Everyone was acting like it's done and it doesn't exist and yet it was in every bathroom at every party, it was all over the place. And how cool is that?

Breach of trust 2 | Reviewer: Bruce
    ------ About the song Cocaine performed by Robin Thicke

Families and friends who keep on trying to fix the addict go crazy themselves. They try and try, they are called codependents, as the quality of their life’s are defined by the decisions of their qualifier, the addict. They continue to try to fix him, because they love him, expecting different results. That is crazy.
I personally love the addict, and the alcoholic seeing them as the underdog. If and when they find recovery they are the winning champions over true evil.
I encourage Robin Thicke and every other person lucky enough to be in a position of possibly influencing others, especially the young, to visit open AA, NA, and ALANON meetings then decide how to conduct their future influence.

Breach of trust 1 | Reviewer: Bruce
    ------ About the song Cocaine performed by Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke and other people fortunate enough to make a very nice living singing could use their fortunate position of influence making the world a better place rather than condoning and romanticizing cocaine. So many people have had their lives devastated by joining the culture of recreational cocaine.
10% of the people who try cocaine are hooked and start down a path of total kayos. Often they spiral down losing their jobs, family, home, friends, health, and future. When they find that they cannot afford coke they will often attempt to replace it with methamphetamine accelerating the kayos.
Often people never having even small brushes with the law end up being regular customers of the local police and emergency medical services. Jails and prisons are full of not just criminals, but regular guys turned junkie conducting bad behavior.
The public scorns the once good guy as he appears in their tranquil life that they have worked and are still working so hard to achieve.
(See next review)

pain | Reviewer: iesha
    ------ About the song Can U Believe performed by Robin Thicke

this song brings me up when im down the words to this song is very deep but it explain wen someone is al the end they cant take it no more an no one is there to help them out an the one they love is not there to help either

an all they have to do is believe that they will get bac together they will make that aduction they will get there grads together jus give it all you got an pray an god will forgive an will help you

profound lyrical content | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lost Without U performed by Robin Thicke

yes he is a talented man and writer. his falsetto voice is terrible, listen to any live performance. its amazing what can be done in a recording studio these days. he should stick to writing for other people, or stop singing falsetto

The best song in history | Reviewer: Celest
    ------ About the song Lonely World performed by Robin Thicke

This is by far the best album i've heard in my 13 years on this earth and this song just touches your heart and gets u thinking!! very well done Robin!!!!

Awesome | Reviewer: Maxine
    ------ About the song Can U Believe performed by Robin Thicke

The words and the melody fits perfectly. A very beautiful and heart felt song

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