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Introduction by Nicholas Reville

Sage Francis is a rapper out of Providence, RI and half of
Non-Prophets (the other half is DJ Joe Beats). Sage made a
reputation for himself by consistently winning poetry slams
and freestyling competitions, and has built something of a
cult following. His style is always personal and often
highly political, but refreshingly free of preachiness.
With his new Fuck Clear Channel Tour, Sage is pushing music
industry politics to the forefront.

Now when someone announces a "Fuck Clear Channel Tour", you More...

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Review about Sage Francis songs
speechless | Reviewer: alice
    ------ About the song Broken Wings performed by Sage Francis

this song reminds me of how people keep me from trusting them even the ones we are supposed to trust you cant . when they see beauty within they want it like a vampire and suck the lil bit of kindness they left behind . It also reminds me of a man that gave me hope with just his words of his own experiences strength and hope not just for me but in his own life and hopefully we will meet someday .. i understand the flying without wings because i have done it my whole life .. astral projection is best way to escape the present when times are hard and even to be near someone when they are far . i hope i haven't said to much . maybe one day i can find someone to sing the songs i have wrote ~~Alice~~

duh | Reviewer: Skautty
    ------ About the song Inherited Scars performed by Sage Francis

The reason why artist like Sage Francis are not recognized for their talent is that most people in general society are too ignorant and don't have the mental capabilities to understand and grasp what he is saying, society in a whole it to stupid to realize the genius in his lyrics and put together the story he is trying to tell, that's why people like Lil Jon and other ignorant artist with their repetitive lyrics about bitches, blunts, and fortys make it mainstream. Its not that Sage has any lack of talent, it's that society has lack of intelligence...

10 monday 7 may 2002 | Reviewer: lester toussaint
    ------ About the song Message Sent performed by Sage Francis

dear mrs fontenard you rong about the grade fores grade fores is older than the grade ones they can clean the class room and shape there letters proply than grde ones mrs leaose go by the grade foures and dont let the kindergautenas said mrs leaose don t come by us and beet us and say they older than the grade fours and clean better than the grade fours

thats funny | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crack Pipes performed by Sage Francis

i like how the guy says that sage has never done drugs but then goes onto say he's not sure haha. I think music like this from a genuis like Sage because his words hit everyone different. Just enjoy the music and stop trying to be a psych.

Damn | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sea Lion performed by Sage Francis

seriously a guy gave a great comment then followed it up with an Idk why the song is named about the lyrics in the song? the 7th and 8th words= "SEA LION". dont look into the names of songs thats like a fraction of what the song is about

Re: read this | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Makeshift Patroit performed by Sage Francis

1) as someone had pointed out previously, Rush L. Is conservative. 2) get an education. You throw the word " faggot" around like you know what it means, and you don't. Please don't EVER use that word to someone. It is the most disgusting word to ever exist in linguistics. 3) This song tells the truth in the manner that it shows the true use of media to sway people a direction, and it shows the unethicalness that government and greed can cause. No one can legitimately express why it occurred with out looking at it from an Extremest point of view. America is no better than the country or people that attacked it. " the pot seems to be calling the kettle black when it boils over."

geeze o pete | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crack Pipes performed by Sage Francis

sage francis does not or never did drugs, i believe, well im totally ignorant on the facts but i would like to guess this song is about a parent or loved one of his, who prolly did have some kind of substance abuse problems and maybe health issues due to it, and went to the hostipital over them, but as far as sage francis smoking crack. haha if you think that you must be smoking crack. Geeze get educated.

yeah? fuck yeah! | Reviewer: captain boomington
    ------ About the song Makeshift Patroit performed by Sage Francis

all you guys who reacted to 'george bush' are hilarious.

He's obviously a teenager who is being inflammatory, and a dick in the process.

unfortunately there are people out ther who don't and will never get it, but those people don't go round saying limbaugh was a liberal as righty or lefty pretty much everyone knows that he's a power mad conservative.

Anyway, I love how this song flows, and portrays the media as what they are really. naysayers just suck ass, as this song tells nothing but truth in the most eloquent and upfront manner.

calm down, people..

focus on what got us here in the first place. tut tut tut.

A simple mistake maybe? | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Bridle performed by Sage Francis

We all get what we will out of lyrics to songs, many of us never touching anywhere NEAR what they meant them to be.

"I never thought I'd miss you"

As in the beginning of the track, these are not his vocals. It's a female. Every time I listen to this track, it reminds me of a similar relationship I was in. We were crazy about each other but she was too scared because of her past. And the closer we got in our love, the further away she became for fear of repetition of her past.

I think this track is about a couple, it may not even be a song about him (many artists write stories about friends or people they see), that didn't need to be apart. But because of a lack of faith, she bailed. And the "I never thought I'd miss you" is her claiming to be miserable even after she left him alone and damaged.

-just a thought

Double Yuh | Reviewer: Frank
    ------ About the song Makeshift Patroit performed by Sage Francis

So I guess I would voice my opinion with "ya'll" and explain to the reviewer who is George Bush why he is stupid and how a 19 year old is more intelligent than his redneck ass.
First and foremost you should know that we should no longer be overseas fighting a war for oil.....stop bullshitting yourself. It's for the gain of oil in the Middle Eastern countries. Secondly, I am not a liberal at all and differ on many views with them. That being said I agree completely with my "faggot friends" and say that George W. Bush handled the whole situation with terrorists like a blind person trying to pick out his favorite porno. Bush lied to the people and said there were all these WMD's when in actualality the only threat was Anthrax (Which there is a cure for now). You should know that we are fighting a war that will never have a winner. He only said there were weapons to get the support of the American people in a time when we were still vunerable and in shock of 9/11. Thanks to his Patriot Act, our freedom is worthless. I mean we have full body scanners at the air port and we have to take off our shoes now. So yes Bush's legacy will be revealed in 20 years going down as not the worst president ever but probably one of the worst. So why don't you put away your shotgun, stop beating your wife, get some facts, and come back with some sense because I would love to do this again. I do like to believe that all's well that ends well so I'll end this with a fuck you and have a nice day :)

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