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The terminal boredom of their small town Scandinavian
existence inspired two young siblings and a couple of local
pals to form a kickass punk rock band before they had even
entered their teens. A debut EP, Suits Anyone Fine, was
released in 1997 to instant acclaim throughout their home
country. A couple of years later, they released their
pop-punk debut album, C'Mon Let's Pretend, which received
two Swedish Grammy nominations and critical praise, not to
mention massive sales in their home country.

Their sound developed quickly and More...

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hbxWJFzNnEJyCCd | Reviewer: Mert
    ------ About the song Drive Dead Slow performed by Sahara Hotnights

I made a big msatike buying this crap, too slow, but I mean TOOO slow. The damn thing made me believe that the new ubuntu beta had problems, but when I installed windows xp in it I realised that it was a hard disk issue.stay away from it, I totally regret of having buying it.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Justin
    ------ About the song Hot Night Crash performed by Sahara Hotnights

Awesome man! The lyrics li like it. and i owned the album!

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