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the year was 1986 and, despite its international
popularity, critics were saying that rap music was a fad
that would not endure into the next decade. people within
the industry, while more confident of its longevity,
proclaimed that rap was an genre in which women would never
excel. now, more than ten years after their debut, cheryl
james, sandi denton and dee dee roper—collectively known as
salt-n-pepa—are able to enjoy the last laugh as they ride
the success of their latest release brand new.

cheryl james, a brooklyn native, and More...

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Review about Salt N Pepa songs
Wow - Ya Kid K commenting! | Reviewer: Ya Kid K Fan
    ------ About the song Pump Up The Jam performed by Salt N Pepa

Of course this is Technotronic.

It has been absolutely amazing to see Ya Kid K comment here - respect to an incredible performer and an idol to me when I was young! We love you Ya Kid K!

Just to set the story straight, Technotronic were from Belgium, not the UK and Ya Kid K has a wonderful, mouth-watering American accent, as she has lived many years in the States. I was trying to mimic it for years!

mario talkin to himself after cathy leaves. | Reviewer: michelle
    ------ About the song I've Got AIDS (PSA) performed by Salt N Pepa

Mario: Aww come on man you just better stop with that thats your problem not mine it aint mine dont be tryin to put that on me thats death comeon what now you gonna try and tell me i got AIDS you better walk on please and i passed it to her Thats No No No who am i fooling aw im just sittin here blamin her im blamin somebody else for something i did i mean i know im the only one shes been with i cant belive this i had my whole future ahead of me i know i know she was puttin off on the college and me too i wanted to you know get an education i wanted to start a family I WANTED TO BE ABLE TO START A FAMILY I MIGHT EVEN DIE SOON AND WHAT IF SHES PREGNANT THAN THAT MEANS THE BABY IS GONNA HAVE AIDS AWW I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE.

Questions for Ya Kid K | Reviewer: Michael Ma
    ------ About the song Pump Up The Jam performed by Salt N Pepa

Do people mistake Pump Up The Jam as Salt n Pepa's song often?

Also, Technotronic being from the UK, don't sound like they have English accents. But I'm guessing in real life they do. Why do singers in the UK sing without accents?

What's up? | Reviewer: Dawn
    ------ About the song Let's Talk About Sex performed by Salt N Pepa

How come all of the lyrics I am finding don't have the second verse. They all have the verse that starts out "Hot to trot make any man's eyes pop...." but not the verse that starts out "What we have here is subject to controversy...." Does anyone know that whole verse that's the one I am trying to figure out.

Aboslute perfectness | Reviewer: Emma
    ------ About the song Whatta Man performed by Salt N Pepa

This song is the bomb that exploded everyone's shite out of the water, this here is talking about God. Our husbands should be our heads, our Gods and these real men then look up to the Higher god, so nothing can go astray.

Pump up the jam | Reviewer: Ya Kid K
    ------ About the song Pump Up The Jam performed by Salt N Pepa

Salt'N'Pepa have nothing to do with "Pump up the Jam. It was released by Technotronic in 1989. I am the author and performer and I will give you the correct lyrics as I wrote goes..:
-Pump up the jam, pump it up, while your feet are stompin' and the jam is pumpin'. Look ahead the crowd is jumpin'.
Pump it up a little more. Get the party going on the dancefloor. See 'cause that's where the party's at and you'll find out if you do that.
Awa (that means "here" in a language called Lingala), a place to stay, get your booty on the floor tonight make my day.

....on early extended versions you will also hear the following lyrics...:
-Don't you know we're heading to it, come on let your booty do it. Don't you know we're getting to it. Come on let your booty do it....

I wrote and performed the damn thing, so I would know!'re welcome..

pump up the jam | Reviewer: megan
    ------ About the song Pump Up The Jam performed by Salt N Pepa

i so love the song of pump up the jam its so cool i would love to now were you live in what cuntrey that would be soo cool if i new your like the best person that sings to me your that cool iled love you to come to town on saturdays so i could see you your song is on just dance on the wii i go on your song every day and onece at night before i go to bed itsss soooooooooooo coooollllllllll ... xxxxxxxxxx

Let me tell you about men..... | Reviewer: A Man (hwat?) a man
    ------ About the song Whatta Man performed by Salt N Pepa

Men like this DO and DON'T exist. Let me tell you how. Now, let me tell you... REAL men take REAL responsibility for EVERY knucker they knock up. THAT's what makes them PERFECT. Boy's will only tell you ONE thing: this knucker was just some not-very-pucker SUCKER, and I wish you would change everything about yourself NOW, woMAN, to IMPRESS me. UNreal men are just boys that treat Woman like PROCESS - thick and free and full of LIP. Spite falls at the feet of those whose loves were gathered to help it (spite) overcome every fault, and whose feet are bearers of unconditional things as hospitals breathe patients...

This is TECHNOTRONIC not Salt-N-Peppa | Reviewer: mfdj
    ------ About the song Pump Up The Jam performed by Salt N Pepa

Salt-N-Peppa never did a version of "Pump Up the Jam" - the confusion might stem from similar hip house rapping and the fact that I've heard a mix of "Pump Up the Jam" sample S-N-P's "Push It" — the original "Pump Up the Jam" came out in 1989 and has been remixed like crazy ever since

for "midnitebrite3000 | Reviewer: Andie
    ------ About the song Whatta Man performed by Salt N Pepa

Men like this do exist, you just have to look for them, most girls look for rich hot men. If they werent so picky they would find this guy right under their noses. This song is perfect about men, and BTW i dedicated this song to my man Ali, cause he is all this and more!

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