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[edit] Pre-Montrose years

After a brief career as a boxer in the footsteps of his
father, Sammy became interested in the burgeoning Southern
California music scene, fronting his first band, The
Fabulous Catillas.

Reportedly, he was also in some other pre-Montrose bands
including Skinny, Sammy Hagar Band, Justice Brothers,
Dustcloud, Cotton, Jimmy, and Manhole.[citation needed]

Justice Brothers also featured drummer David Lauser.

[edit] Montrose years (1973 - 1975)

Hagar's first major success, however, came from his work More...

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Reviews about Sammy Hagar songs

Another juxtaposition masterpiece | Reviewer: Ralph Echtinaw
    ------ About the song Don't Make Me Wait performed by Sammy Hagar

Who would have thought that Sammy Hagar would be an advocate for marriage? One seldom sees such sentimentality in a hard rock song. Just reading the lyrics one would think this is a Barry Manilow song. But it's rocked out and one of my favorites from Sammy Hagar.

Winterland 1974 | Reviewer: telecranker
    ------ About the song Space Station Number 5 performed by Sammy Hagar

One of the best songs Montrose & Sammy ever performed. A huge response from the crowd at Winterland. Lynyrd Skynyrd was suppose to open the show for Joe Walsh, but they were suddenly too BIG, so Montrose (who?) filled the bill & stole the show. This song stood out. I remember when it was so clear. We were young but the memory still remains.

red | Reviewer: willy
    ------ About the song Red performed by Sammy Hagar


what is the "Fillmore shuffle"? | Reviewer: jay byars
    ------ About the song Fillmore Shuffle performed by Sammy Hagar

I am trying to find out the meaning behind F.S. I mean, is it a place,

or a frame of mind or what? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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