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If the members of Sanctus Real were boxers, Fight The Tide
would be the match that turns them into heavyweight
contenders. As the title of the Toledo, Ohio, foursome's
album indicates, this is a band that's ready to go the
distance. Fight The Tide comes from a line in a song from
the band's second album for Sparrow Records, but it
contains broader implications about life's ceaseless
struggles – against negative, soul-deadening messages from
disposable pop culture, perhaps, or against spiritual
complacency. "Fight The Tide is about More...

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Review about Sanctus Real songs
relates | Reviewer: ananomayous
    ------ About the song Forgiven performed by Sanctus Real

This song relates so much to my past before Christ and after Christ. Sometimes I fail and I have my past being brought up but then I realized I have a loving god who is forgiving

Deep Words | Reviewer: Uzuazo -PH, Nigeria
    ------ About the song I'm Not Alright performed by Sanctus Real

Wow, this song reaches so deep within me; it shows us the truth about ourselves. You bet Job and his entire family were closer to God after all he went through. We know that allthings work together for our good because we love God and are called according to His purpose. Rom 8:28. This is my second best song of the year after Lead Me, also by Sanctus Real, and I've listened to less than five of their songs. God bless you Sanctus Real!

I am Forgiven Indeed. | Reviewer: Bertrand Daniel
    ------ About the song Forgiven performed by Sanctus Real

I thank God for HIS HOLY SPIRIT to lead Sanctus Real to pass on this Powerful redemption song. I know in JESUS CHRIST everyone is Forgiven; GOD BLESS you guys. I am always edified while listening to this song and others.

the Redeemer | Reviewer: virginia courtney
    ------ About the song The Redeemer performed by Sanctus Real

I love the song. I have a great grand daughter born with the same heart problem she is 5 weeks weights 5lbs they have to wait till she is stronger and gains more weight to do surgery. She is a fighter. this song helps me to stay strong and pass it on to the rest of the family. Thanks

renewed by Sanctus Real- Forgiven | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Forgiven performed by Sanctus Real

This song came at the most important time in my life, every lyric is my story and im so relieved to kno that someone else is experiencing the same emotions and spiritual journey and me! My prayer is that God continue to use His people to help others like this. Finally I can smile again!

I think this is pulling me in... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Forgiven performed by Sanctus Real

I know this song wasn't written for me..... I know this, but .... it was. My older sister has been trying to find someway to find a way to get me back on the path God would like for me to walk. I have felt so stuck in my own world. We were riding in her car... and she played it.... and said, "Listen to this, it makes me think of you."

The song totally spoke to me... I began to cry. Looking out the passenger window at the every so quickly passing cars and such- hiding my tears. How I've always felt this way.... this song is me.

GREAT song, but a word of caution | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Forgiven performed by Sanctus Real

I didn't know much about Sanctus Real when I first heard them perform this song, and was immediately impressed with their communication of Gospel truth. What a blessing!

However, it's all too possible to feel "like I don't fit in" and "I don't measure up to much" in the Church, as well as the world; and it's all too tempting to take this Gospel truth and isolate one's self with it. The sometimes-harder truth is that everyone else in the Body is also a "treasure in the arms of Christ," and we're called to engage and upbuild the Body. Let's not forget to sing "WE're forgiven...!"

How great is our God! | Reviewer: geirchp
    ------ About the song Whatever You're Doing performed by Sanctus Real

I was attending a Mission Adventure at YWAM Borgen, as 'temporary' staff, just over the summer holidays this year. There were 12 youth going on outreach to Newcastle, and friday night they had this session where each one performed something they had rehearsed for the events in Newcastle. One young boy sat down with his guitar and played this song, and I was allmost overcome with tears, as I listened to the lyrics and knew they were for me! God was speaking directly to my heart, telling me to 'let go'. I've signed up for DTS now, for me and my family, possibly allready in February next year (2012). Really, it's time to face up. Praise God

no idea why but typing anyways | Reviewer: God's child
    ------ About the song Forgiven performed by Sanctus Real

this song stikes me right at my core... everytime (especialy that first time) i end up crying because it's immagry is amazingly beautiful... not to mention this song always seems to popp up when i least expect it but allso when i most n.eed it.

Amazing God!! | Reviewer: Angelita
    ------ About the song Whatever You're Doing performed by Sanctus Real

This morning I was talking to God and the reply i got was the following verse: The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever. Psalm 121:8. I cried and said, I trust you Lord. Thank you for loving us so much. Then I played the CD for the 1st time this morning (i just got it) and when this song played.. i was in shock cause it was God once again reinforcing the promise. :)

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