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Californian hardcore band Saosin has achieved an amazing
amount of respect from the underground scene. The band held
a structured fan base even before the release of the band's
first EP, Translating the Name. Pre- orders for the record
were extremely high as devoted fans, starving for the CD
after being teased with a sampler located on the band's
site, quickly brought the EP to the #1 spot on's Top 100 CD orders. To put it simply--Saosin
is the name on everyone's tongue that nobody can pronounce.
Beau comments, “At the More...

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Review about Saosin songs
You're Not Alone | Reviewer: Bonnie
    ------ About the song You're Not Alone performed by Saosin

This song gave me goosebumps and hope for myself and my son. I pray that he hears it and it inspires him to use his live to inspire others in some way, i know with God all things are possible and I pray he does not loose his faith with what he is going through. Thanks for the awesome song! God Bless

f*cking so simple | Reviewer: arfine tale
    ------ About the song Penelope performed by Saosin

so simple , it's about the goldfish, he was asking if he take penelope in the forest while rain is pouring in penelope will penelope be alive again, and another one, he is depress t0 see his goldfish suffer before dying. that's all

. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Finding Home performed by Saosin

I have always loved Saosin, their music touches me in a way I can never comprehend. This song makes me think of my older sister; I don't know where she is and I'm so very worried for her.

Opinions | Reviewer: Abbie
    ------ About the song It's Far Better To Learn performed by Saosin

I think, to me, it sounds like someone who was kept prisoner, but escaped.
While they were kept, they were used for experimentarion, or maybe prostitution. ("What is my body worth?" Saying do I bring you lots of money or something)
When they escaped they look for revenge ("This will not blow over")
Eventually the government or something finds what the captors are doing and destroys them ("High above they're taking over you")

I also think some of the ideas above are likely, but this is what I think. It could also be applied to a war or battle situation.

Saosin is a great band~

just a thought | Reviewer: incubi24
    ------ About the song Penelope performed by Saosin

According to Pinback, it's about a dying goldfish ....but just like any song we all have our own interpretations about what we feel the song is my interpretation I feel like its about a mermaid. as in he fell in love with a mermaid and obviously she can live without the water and the reference of the scales and "diving down with all my gear in search of treasure para mi corazon" feels like it fits my theory. he's searching for the mermaid....idk just a thought

Beautiful | Reviewer: Gabrielle
    ------ About the song Penelope performed by Saosin

I just love how you can easily picture different situations.
He most likely is singing about his dead goldfish, but you can feel the air to it. Like it's something more than a goldfish.
Maybe he was not only mourning the death of his goldfish, but also trying to sign out to a girl that there's something better than smoking.
Maybe it was a representation all together.

Lost symphonies | Reviewer: On so
    ------ About the song Lost Symphonies performed by Saosin

I believe his seven plates are the seven sins in life which comes with every destiny. He's afraid that if he does the deadly dance which the sirens tempt him to do his plates will sever leaving him with a worse destiny of seven again this won't stop until he dies or takes his watch off no matter what he always has the responsibility to be of virtue

op | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song It's Far Better To Learn performed by Saosin

this song is about a young male prostitute who was talking with his pimp about how much he could charge his clientele "what is my body worth". He thinks he can charge more "there's something greater there" but doesn't what to nullify any existing contracts "was there a price set before?".

meaning | Reviewer: tmo
    ------ About the song Translating The Name performed by Saosin

pretty sure the song is not about abortion its about a young couple who were absolutely not ready for a child and deciding to keep the child "oh start saving green and before breathing" save money before it gets here

"i have your voice on tape in a southern accent screaming at me" some women are absolutely insane when theyre pregnant with hormones, fear, etc. nonetheless, screaming attitude, everything is normally directed toward the male who "ruined" their lives and bodies especially in a young unprepared unexpected situation

"i was only one and we werent prepared for one" she probably left him during the pregnancy in either feeling he wasnt good enough or fear he wouldnt provide, also very common fears in unsuspected

Points of view | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song It's Far Better To Learn performed by Saosin

I almost view it in a Christian sense. The song could be from Gods point of view. Like, the first stanza could be taken as God talking about how he will not let us slip into the hands of the devil. Or the first stanza could be how Satan doesn't want us to be in the safe hands of God and he knows the fight for our souls will be difficult. Again that can also be from Gods view. the whole "it will not blow over" could mean Gods sons death. Then "what is my body worth" could be from Jesus's point of view. Like asking if his body will be enough to pay for our sins. *shrugs* just an opinion.

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