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Sarah Fimm is a dark, chaotic mixture of rock and pop with
alternative influences. Her sound is colored with smooth,
melodic rock fused with thick electronic grooves. A dark
angel with a strawberry smile, Sarah is slightly outside,
but still able to touch a mainstream audience. Sarah's
debut album "Cocooned" has received extensive radio airplay
on over 500 college stations and commercial stations. It
has sold more than 5,000 copies independently. Sarah has
garnered a huge internet presence with over 210,000 plays
on, and 6 #1 More...

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Reviews about Sarah Fimm songs

Fell across this song on the net... | Reviewer: Eve
    ------ About the song Red Paper Bag performed by Sarah Fimm

I came to a Sarah Fimm website though a link in the daughter darling website forums...and i cannot stop listening to this song! I previewed the rest of her music and Sarah sounds like the cross between Alanis Morisette [in red paper bag] and Sarah Maclaughlin.

First off I love alanis morisette so it makes me an instant fan...
The song has some great metaphors that i can definatly relate to..
Love the dark piano in this song..and the emphasis on dying in the middle of the song.

I'll be picking up this cd in the near future. Keep up the good work.

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