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Such is the standpoint of Shaun Morgan,
singer-guitarist-songwriter of the South African band
Seether. His immediate, cerebral writing saturates the
band's U.S. debut, Disclaimer, producing a compelling
illustration of the communal powers of rock and roll; loud
in a very literal and very abstract sense. "I don't care if
no one knows what I look like," he says. "That's not the
point. The point is to know I've touched people."

After forming in 1999, Seether (originally Saron Gas, a
name they plucked from the back of a sound effects CD More...

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Review about Seether songs
I love it | Reviewer: Luna
    ------ About the song Broken (featuring Amy Lee) performed by Seether

I love this song! It might be an old one but its honestly the best it reminds me of my best friend and she died 1 year ago and I miss her and when I hear this song it makes me want too cry

title | Reviewer: Sledgod84
    ------ About the song Remedy performed by Seether

I remember when Seether first appeared and were sited as being the 'next Nirvana'.

I'd take that as a compliment.

Being a fan of Nirvana myself I see the same style evolving here, but I don't see a copy. That's like saying everyone who writes a murder-mystery is just copying someone who wrote a similar style before they did..

Seether leaves their songs ambiguous for a reason - you take from their music what you take from their music.

Their success is a testament to their talent and to how many people can relate to their work, not their ability to copy the shape and form of somebody else's work. After all, one does not simply 'copy' Nirvana.

Just my thoughts....

hear breaking | Reviewer: abbygal
    ------ About the song Plastic Man performed by Seether

my son, with PTSD, posted this song. He is breaking my heart cus I can't make that pain fade. I wish I was able to help him not feel like a "plastic man". I know he don't question my love for him or if I'm proud of him....he also is aware he is all I am proud of. He is amazing and so strong....but even super heros get the blues. :( When you loss so many friends and are fighting for your life your bound to feel this kind of pain. Wish no one felt this way but I am greatful that Seether made a song that helps my son release some of his hurt and pain. I wish no one ever felt this way but lets face it we can all relate at one time or another in our lives.

The Gift | Reviewer: CanSee
    ------ About the song The Gift performed by Seether

I've heard several times that this song is about a man that goes to Mexico and hits a little girl and she dies. So, he goes back every year to visit her grave and he sees her ghost. This makes sense because, it you notice in the video people are not really smiling at him, one woman looks shocked when she realizes who he is. Another wipes his hand off after shaking his hand. I also think this song and video was made to be somewhat vague to leave it open to interpretation.
I found it to have a completely different interpretation and meaning to me. A year before my mother died, and I was in school in the medical field, something, IDK if it was God or what, but something told me to do special things with her because she would not be here in a year. And it came to pass. After I got in the medical field, I started to get a very weird feeling that certain patient's were going to die. Usually a couple hours before they did. I thought I was cursed. But now I think it may be a gift. So to me, this song is about a man that goes to mexico, sees the little girl and knows she's going to die and then see's her grave. Pretty crazy, huh? But, it's real.

superb song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tied My Hands performed by Seether

I love how you can feel the bittersweet reality of the situation through his voice and the music. I only recently heard this song, but have long been a fan.I love that there is a softer side to kick ass hard rockin bands. It just goes to show they are people too, and more down to earth than we often think. And I can relate in some way to most of their songs I hear. Hope to hear many more years of their music to come.

wordplay | Reviewer: MusicMuse
    ------ About the song Master Of Disaster performed by Seether

such a beautiful song in the way to grabs you, and drags you through an intricate forest without hitting any tree on the way. showing deep thought and beautiful flow, the wordsmithing is beautiful

What this song means to me..... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Gift performed by Seether

I really like this song.... it hits home to me because i can relate to every line!!! I have done no research nor have i asked Shaun Morgan what he wrote this song about but personally i think he is talking about his relationship with God. he realizes that God has given him a musical talent (a "gift"). -I dont belong here and Im not well- means that he knows hes not using his gift the way God had intended. i think he has a fear of God. this song has so much meaning!!! ...and if i am wrong, its definitely about more than just box a cereal on sale at safeway.....

just wonderfull | Reviewer: The Reaper
    ------ About the song Never Leave performed by Seether

jeah dudes i´d say if you love a girl and she doesn´t feel anything ... don´t wwaste your time worlds´s full of girls so THE ONE will love you ... =)
so heads up =)
and i love this song it reminds me off myself sittin there and thinkin about her and it reminds me of stayin strong , goin on and find a new one =)

Amazing | Reviewer: Someone
    ------ About the song Fur Cue performed by Seether

Seether is one of the only artists that i have been able to follow without getting annoyed and/or angry with one of their song. I am a tough customer and a conessiuer of good music. Keep up the good work.

the friend that got away | Reviewer: cj
    ------ About the song Pass Slowly performed by Seether

i dedicate this song to my bestfriend since kindergarten, she killed herself last year in the bathroom over a stupid rumor that another girl started about her at school; she will always be with me in my heart and will be greatly missed.

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