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The curse were spoken, but very few creed that those boys
would fly so high. Many people know SEPULTURA began as a
role-play, early 80's in Belo Horizonte, a city located in
southeast Brazil. And destiny was generous when it gave
Paulo Jr. (b), Jairo Guedez (g), Max (g/v) and Igor
Cavalera the ways of metal music. The Brazilian death metal
scene was a crawling toddler when the band released their
first LP in 1985. Entitled BESTIAL DEVASTATION, the record
was split with fellow band Overdose and their SÉCULO XX

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The best song to show people the problems in Brazil. | Reviewer: jon d'oh
    ------ About the song Manifest performed by Sepultura

It is the best song to show people the problems in Brazil. Although you don't state the fact that the U.S. government had a part in making this kind of thing happen. Your other songs don't blame them either and you know that is all their influence that started the prison system, the bio-engineering and the other things that happen in Brazil.

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