Short Stack Albums

  • Art Vandelay Album (10/18/2013)
    Saturday Night
    Bang Bang Sexy
    New York City Ballet
    Fight For You
    Silver Screen
    Love Drug
    Rich Girls
    No Angel

  • This Is Bat Country Album (11/12/2010)
    Bat Country
    Are You Afraid Of The Dark
    We Dance To A Different Disco, Honey
    Heartbreak Made Me A Killer
    Sweet December
    Ruby Red
    Jack The Ripper
    Sweet Emergency
    Die Young Stay Pretty
    Nothing At All

  • Stack Is The New Black Album (8/14/2009)
    Ladies & Gentlemen
    Shimmy A Go Go
    Sway Sway Baby
    In This Place
    Drop Dead Gorgeous
    Counting The Stars
    Before Angels Fall
    The Back Of My Head
    One Step Closer
    We All Know
    Thick As Thieves
    Darling, I'll Be Your Werewolf

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    Reviews about Short Stack albums
    SHORT STACK 4 LYF | Reviewer: Shortstackfan601
        ------ About the album Stack Is The New Black performed by Short Stack

    This album by my lords and saviours, Short Stack, is a heavenly gift from the heavens below. I love it so much, Andy saved my life. Especially when he sung a few bac-up vocals.
    When they broke up i couln't even, but I'm so glad now they are back and they're albums are brutal as ever.

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