Snow Patrol Lyrics

"Whenever we go anywhere new, we're like kids in a huge
empty house. We want explore all these big spaces, climb
into the attic and rake among boxes and get down into the
basement and find the stuff that has been stashed away. For
us the world could never be too big.." Gary Lightbody

The same no frills sense of adventure informs Final Straw,
Snow Patrol's third album. Already established as a
heart-crushing mix of distorted British pedal rock and US
alternative guitar pop on home soil, the album sees the
band grow up, fill out and with some aplomb, make one of
the best British More...

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Review about Snow Patrol songs
My interpretation | Reviewer: John I.
    ------ About the song Run performed by Snow Patrol

Personally I imagine him over her tombstone saying this to her. She died because of something she did wrong and he's saying his final goodbye. Light up as if u have a choice is her being an Angel. Being beside her is the journey they are taking together. Him in life and her in heaven.

Favorite | Reviewer: Kenziecat_luvs_you
    ------ About the song Chasing Cars performed by Snow Patrol

/I have fallen in love with both SnowPatrol and the song Chasing Cars. This song is probably one of my all time favorites! Every time someone asks me for a song this is always the first one!
                       xxxx xxxx
                     x     x    x
                      x        x
                        x     x
                          x x

love this song | Reviewer: john rey
    ------ About the song Chasing Cars performed by Snow Patrol

I have been an avid music lover. But this song is really one of the best. I ddicate this song to my online datingmate. We chatted everyday, like almost giving update every hour, we change digits, I really like him so much. We are working in a different company but both in BPO, I fell in love with him and it just that all of a sudden when we met he dont bother texting me anymore and it really change everything. I feel so unwanted. and from that day onwards I told myself not to go on blind dating or EYEBALL. its really giving me a bad impression.

is it worth it...?1 | Reviewer: Icy23
    ------ About the song Chasing Cars performed by Snow Patrol

Im still confused, when I heard this song for the first time someone have me listened this. It makes no sense to me and to our story, I cant really understand why he dedicate the song to me. But as time goes by and he became special to me.. He said he is separated but I found out that he is not.. he made me fall in love with him. Now, it makes sense to me now why he dedicated this song to me.

" If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I really to want to tell him that I can do it and the hell I care with my principles in life. Though I know that in the end it will still be me who will be left alone.. I dont want to risk my whole life for a short happiness that he can give. How I wish I can say that there will be another guy out there who can love me more that he did when everything is right. I want to be with him but how will I do that without me hurting his family. I wish its more easier to just lay in his arms and forget the world. I will be missing you. How I wish you are free to love me.

Sweetest Song Ever | Reviewer: A Forever Friendship
    ------ About the song Chasing Cars performed by Snow Patrol

Friendships are few and far between and this song seems to be about a man who has been very hurt at one time or another and has that one special someone that he doesn't have to say those words, she already knows all she has to do is be there for him to feel safe about his feelings once again.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Lightning Strike performed by Snow Patrol

I just honestly thought the tune of the song was amazing but now that I read the lyrics... the song has all different meaning. I love this song and I am leaving right now to buy the album. Amazing Snow Patrol!

Nothing is as fitting... | Reviewer: Martin
    ------ About the song You Could Be Happy performed by Snow Patrol

Pretty much the same as the most recent comment...only a hi and a bye now if that. 6 years together, almost a year and a half apart now, my current situation doesn't stop me feeling how I do.

I could never fun a song that explained how I felt until just tonight watching Gavin and Stacey and hearing this track.

She's happy now and in love looking forward to her new future. I wish I had just one moment to be able to share this with her so she knew how I felt but it would only annoy or upset her and I don't want that.

I still love you Babi, you'll just never know how much and how much I still hurt even though I walked away.

Take care and if you ever happen to stumble across this, I hope you know it's from me...

All the best x

Love the lyrics | Reviewer: Rainy
    ------ About the song Chasing Cars performed by Snow Patrol

I feel the song meant to push the world away and just be. My husband died last year of cancer and during his sickness he asked me to just lie next to him. He was so thin and tired and just want me to lie next to him and hold him. when I hear this song it reminds me of him.

Personal meaning | Reviewer: Sabah
    ------ About the song Run performed by Snow Patrol

I personally think the meaning of this song applies to individual personal experiences. For me it was the heart breaking separation with my nephew. I felt more like a mother to him than an aunt, having raised him. And one day it was suddenly over. And although he is still in my life, and we have a very close nephew and aunty relationship, I feel as though I have lost a child. Not many people will ever understand that.

I first heard this song about a year after the separation, it was the first time I burst into tears and cried non stop that day. To this day this song only carries that one memory for me.

So I believe a song like this is open to interpretation based on once personal experience.

amazing, just amazing!!! | Reviewer: libby
    ------ About the song Give Me Strength performed by Snow Patrol

I first heard this song coming from a neighbour's garden in the summer. She had it on repeat and no wonder. What a song, beautiful lyrics and melody. I'd never heard of Snow Patrol before, but have since downloaded everything they've recorded. This remains my favourite. It gets down deep into the spirit and puts into words the strength of friendship. I have a few friends who have been to me everything this song speaks of. Well done to this talented band. x

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