Solange Knowles Albums

  • True Album (11/27/2012)
    Losing You
    Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work
    Locked in Closets
    Lovers in the Parking Lot
    Don't Let Me Down
    Look Good With Trouble
    Bad Girls

  • Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams Album (8/26/2008)
    God Given Name
    Dancing In The Dark
    Would've Been The One
    Sandcastle Disco
    I Decided
    Valentine's Day
    6 O'Clock Blues
    Ode To Marvin
    I Told You So
    Cosmic Journey
    This Bird
    I Decided, Part 2
    Bonus Tracks
    White Picket Dreams

  • Solo Star Album (1/21/2003)
    Ain't No Way
    Dance With You
    Get Together
    So Be It
    True Love
    This Could Be Love
    Feeling You
    Thinking About You
    Solo Star
    Sky Away

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