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We've been together now for such a long time
Through every trial we'd ever care to go
When I look back I almost can't believe it
We're not the same people that we used to know
With all the years behind me spent pretending
I didn't need someone like you around
It makes it even harder to imagine
The life I'd be livin', if I hadn't found
When there was no one left for me to turn to
When all the world I knew was fallin' down
Oh there were times I could not face the mornin'
But everything's changed since the day that I found
Come on-Come on-Come on-Come on now!!

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Someone.. | Reviewer: 25 | 8/26/14

it was my fav song actually,, it reminds me of someone from my past, he's my one great love, but after 2 years of being together, we decided to give up our relationship, at first i thought that i only need some time to move on, but its been 7 years now but i still love him,i actually got married but it didnt last coz im still longing for him, maybe i always compare him to others..i know its wrong but i really dont know...

After that unbearable pain I met my one great love :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/14

When we broke up, I found this in my playlist, and when i listen every lyrics, It was like a bullseye to my heart.. I was madly in love with a man for 3yrs,as the yrs went by love has gone with the flow&He changed. I was so hurt coz he made me feel like I WAS THE ONE but then 1 night,he juz told me I cant do this anym0re,this is enough!lets stop this!..0n that m0ment i felt like I was in d middle of d ocean that he tends to let go of my hand,and save his self.. That was so sad,it id break me..It was so painful to bear..I remember I would force myself to sleep,just so I woudnt feel the pain,&evrytime I wake up,I cant face the m0rning,I dnt even want to open my eyes bc0z i kn0w,Its goin to be an0thr day of unbearable pain.stil, I thanked him for letting me find someone who could love me M0RE than he could.. :))

acceptance | Reviewer: Luzzelle | 12/5/13

I really like dis song. .xoo much relate :(
Maybe someday,i will find Someone to hold mi,someone to needs mi,someone to show mi how much he love mi..and someone to love mi the way dat i love u :( i will give u tym and space . Hope u will bi hapii in ur lyf dat u choose.. and after all i will bi smiling wen da tym we meet.. and thank u 4 the memories and hurting mi . .i learned xoo much! I accept the truth dat im not SOMEONE dat u nid.

someone like honey | Reviewer: to encioman | 7/17/13

i really love this song. i dedicate this to my honey whom i consider the someone for me. i used to make myself believe that i am strong enough to live without someone beside me. but when i found him i realized how hard it was without him.
thank you for loving me the way you do now honey.and when you happen to read this message this words are only for you.
(With all the years behind me spent pretending
I didn't need someone like you around
It makes it even harder to imagine
The life I'd be livin', if I hadn't found
i always thank God for finding you....i love you...

for him :) | Reviewer: xtinita | 3/25/13

this was the song he dedicate for me on our monthsary and he said i listen the music and feeling it like he was the one who sang it. And it felts so good.. I love him so much and by next month we were get married.... I love you tatay :*

i loved him | Reviewer: rebecca | 11/21/12

i told him i loved him he told me the same thing he said he would never leave me he said that we would be together for ever then one day he told me goodbye that very second i knew he was a lyer and fake

move on | Reviewer: fleigh | 7/28/11

i guess people just cant forget memories spent together with someone they love the most..
but needless to say there's a lot of people lurking around you..
someday if time is right it will come...
though it hurts to let go when you've given almost everything and fought just for it to work out... neither of you has the exact knowledge of the future..
i wanted to hold you everyday of my life.. spend every possible waking moment of my life with you.. i couldn't.. we're not meant to be .. and i know that someday if we'll see each other again i would gladly look at you in your eyes and thank you for letting me find someone who could love me MORE than you could..

i love you...

All about L-O-V-E | Reviewer: paula | 5/5/11

This song is wonderful. It makes me think of all the things my man and I went through. He makes me feel like i'm a princess that he'll never let go. I Love him so much... Spread love everyone.. it brings so much happiness..:)

someone lyk the one who sits beside me | Reviewer: rubi | 4/11/11

I don't care with those foreign songs before especially ballad songs like "SOMEONE", but when my officemate sang this especially the chorus one, I felt that he's like singing it to me. I started to consider this song as our theme song.

moving on... | Reviewer: honey | 4/9/11

i thought we're meant for each other...i've waited for u for almost 3 yrs..i thought i'm dying nung umalis ka... 2011 hurts me a lot..instead of coming back, a new baby is coming...u broke ur promise, even thou u love me that much, we can't be together...i'm setting u free 'coz i want u to be happy, happy with ur family..goodbye rich...thanks for this song, it is very memorable...thanks for everything...

someone that i missing....... | Reviewer: nathaniel | 1/10/11

when i heard this song i thought it is not beautiful but when it came on the chorus, i can say that "whose that someone that will hold my hand" its lyrics struck me most because of the meaning of it.i can't really imagine when those days that were together and very happy.but now,i can say that i really love her and she's the only girl that i have loved like that.Ren I LOVE YOU.!!!!!!!

unpredictable | Reviewer: Momzy | 6/5/10 listening while missing him so much...its very touching when someone dedicate this song to you though indirect or direct but the first stanza is very awesome...i can relate totally... i love him so much.... POPZY... no matter what happen i will be here for you....

BEHBEH | Reviewer: baroi | 5/5/10

this song is all about two person in LOVE.. they were both old now, and thinking back all the past when they were young lovers.. Thanking that they have met and fall to each other! They cannot imagine the life how miserable without the hands of each other.. LOVE THE SONG!! DEdicated to my BEHBEH!! I LUV UH SOOOOO MCH!! luv u 4ever!

lovely | Reviewer: lei | 4/25/10

the song was really awesome and very soothing . i've just heard it in the radio and i totally jumped out in my bed to find the title and download the song . and here i am , listening over and over again .

the song was uhmm . i can't find the perfect word . but the chorus was the best part of the song . totally lovely . :)

thanks for the song... | Reviewer: honey | 3/31/10

through this song,it reminds me of my honey who dedicated this song for me. He chose this as our themesong....through this message, i want him to know that ilove him so much and i'm willing to wait for him no matter what...for he is my true love eversince and my ideal u honey..hindi kita iniwan, alam mo kung nasaan ako at kung saan mo ko pupuntahan... thanks...

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