Somo Albums

  • Somo Album (4/8/2014)
    I Do It All For You
    Show Off
    We Can Make Love
    Back To the Start
    Red Lighter

  • My Life Album (9/26/2012)
    My Life
    Kings & Queens (Throw It Up)
    Oh, Hell
    Touch the Sky
    The Only One
    Back To The Start
    Hearts of the Divine

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    Reviews about Somo albums
    I LOVE YOU | Reviewer: meredith
        ------ About the album My Life performed by Somo

    You sound so amazing and ur so cute!!! I love you and your my role model. Some day i hope to be as good of a singer as you. Just keep living your dream and always keep your head held high. Your perfect dont ever let anyone tell you different.

    Thanks | Reviewer: Brooke
        ------ About the album My Life performed by Somo

    Your awesome Somo. Wish I can one day sing as well as you. Although I'm a lot younger. But I love your songs. My brother knows good music and whatever he listens to has to be good. He listened to you before anyone in my school liked you so that's got to mean something. Keep at it. :) You're no one hit wonder. I'm glad you decided to go on with music because everyone needs to know you can sing well. You can't keep that much talent to yourself. Thanks for blessing us with your voice.

    Flawless | Reviewer: Baylee Morales
        ------ About the album My Life performed by Somo

    I came across Somo on YouTube about a year ago I just can't stop listening there is something in his voice that just attracts you. It's so soothing, and lyrics are just amazing! I highly recommend this album to EVERYONE!

    It was amazing | Reviewer: ReAna Thompson
        ------ About the album My Life performed by Somo

    I love this albulm i really like the songs Ride and King and Queens. I first heard about Somo when i was browsing through my tv and i came across the song Ride, every since then i fell in love with the song and also the beat baecause im a girl that listen to music for the message in the song and also the beat that it delievers with it. Also, i love when he hit the high notes because for him to be a white boy i thought he was black at first from how the way he was singing. Hes a great singer and i look foward to listening to some more music mof Mr. Somo and buying some albulms in the future. So keep up the good work because i love it and the albulm and you are such an amazing person that can sing and thats all i have to say

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