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Dave East Soul Of Marvin Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2013 09:11:30 PM

Baby, baby please let do it to you
I taking 'em higher the most
A couple years ago I handle this
They made it they hated
Just look me right in the eyes
From the beginning I had all intentions to get my name out
Starting he 'aint enough
Nigga try to blow my flame out, ex my name out
That ...that I came out
Avoid the prisons and cocaine
My niggga's addict
Life it's a movie I'm felling like no one it's here
See I'm from Holland this regular shit, we're in the bragging
We live the moment the right for a '
Straight as a perm with our posses only winners having
I spinning all when I'm getting, can't take in a '
And I even saw ' I feel like I'm an addict
'now for sure playing, just playing I hit the library
Well if I make this, well I fly
These questions are asking my self daily
Relaxing just smoking wide
I'm 25 with a mind of a nigga 14
...with the bitches want to call
My mama thronging parties in the crisp so I'm out side
'aitn gonna talk about my business
Wish we confess this, running from the district
Black on fire and it's seems like the hydrants don't work
We talk about our problems cause that shit hurt
Mama raises the kids, I'll be '
'flying on the Earth
Every week we're a different, my cousin could give more blood too much ...inside
This bitch was live a different life telling her husband she love him
But bagging me to put my dick inside
Bitches twisted and revile my back and I'm twisted
These know you get paper
A lot of beats got me '
I got a 'with the mention that I got a '
This nigga's biting my 'it's so exciting
No wife, we keeping moving and grooving
..on the fly '
But not really no,
My way it's making a million
I was trying to split and feel me
With my cousin down and feel me, we was really broke
Contagious I fuck in phases in different faces '
My nigga's wait for you to make it
My pain it's only climb in top
Stay here I'm living famous
Try me to bagging, baby we low, low, low,
We can get low, low, low
We can get low, low, low
Yeah, we can get low, low, low

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