Spain Albums

  • I Believe Album (5/15/2001)
    She Haunts My Dreams
    Born To Love Her
    Your Were Meant For Me
    Do You See The Light
    Make Your Body Move
    I Believe
    Oh That Feeling
    If We Kissed
    Long Time Ago

  • She Haunts My Dreams Album (6/29/1999)
    I'm Leaving You
    It's All Over
    Before It All Went Wrong
    Hoped and Prayed
    Waiting For You To Come
    Easy Lover
    Bad Woman Blues
    Nobody Has To Know
    Every Time I Try
    Our Love Is Gonna Live Forever

  • The Blue Moods of Spain Album (7/1/1995)
    It's So True
    Ten Nights
    Dreaming Of Love
    Untitled #1
    Her Used-To-Been
    Ray Of Light
    World Of Blue
    I Lied

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