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Lil' Keke Still At It Lyrics

Last updated: 02/26/2014 07:59:48 PM

Hold up hold up, Don Ke nigga, that's right
Heart of a hustler, that's right 7-13 nigga check it

We still at it, and nothing here can change my heart
We still at it, been pushing since the game first start
We still at it, I hustle hard and play my part
We still at it, homie we still at it

[Lil' Keke]
I woke up early this morning, I was a changed man
I had to follow the vision, and switch the game plan
I saw them laws last night, they in that same van
The streets covered in colors, this shit is gang land
If you's a rapper nigga, rap and try to climb that chart
If you's a hustler nigga, never let em change your heart
I see the bigger picture, I need that perfect frame
I flash that red dot, don't need a perfect aim
Feel like I rolled three hundred, with such a perfect game
This shit is perfect timing, ain't that a perfect thang
I'm still at it, I stayed down and held my way
It's Don Ke bitch, I stay here and hail my fate

[Chorus - 2x]

[Chris Ward]
Hey I'm still at it, got a bad busting seal habit
Line for line a bar's a bar, either or I got skill at it
Yo money's yo money, spend however the fuck you feel daddy
Me I like money machines, and I love to count the skrill at it
Any spot I be at be hot, I wouldn't advise you to chill at it
But with street intuition I got, I'd probably peel at it
Screwed up to death, so every song I'm on I drill at it
Them ol' snitch niggaz new the game, and they still ratted
Me on the other hand, I stuck to the gutter plan
Mash out cash route, till we reach the mother land
We infiltrate the set, and all the bops they get a static pussy
Niggaz feel the static, cause they know what we know fa sho


Mr. underdogs that is we, me and my nigga Killa
If you would hate to see, niggaz know who we are
They should be acting distant
When you niggaz do that, it make you easily bleed
When you down to your ass, that's what they like to see
When you up on your feet, they pretend to be
Smile a lot in your face, with negative energy
These niggaz know we gon' be on top
Cause I ain't taking no losses, we on now
CB4 on now uh
Dear mama dear mama, rest in peace 2Pac but
I got us I got us, see this is my lil' promise
To kill the game and be the best at it
Know these suckers hate it, cause we still at
We still mashing we still mashing, and I ain't gon' stop like a automatic
Came in the game with it all on my mind
Elevated my hustle, and stepped up my grind
It gotta get better with time
A millie or mo', that's all on my mind illy

[Chorus - 2x]

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