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Sam Amidon Streets of Derry Lyrics

Last updated: 05/18/2013 03:51:14 AM

Oh after the morning there comes an evening
And after the evening, another day
And after a false love there comes a true love
I’d have you listen now to what I say

My lovely years as fine a young man
As fair as any the sun show now
But how to help him I do not know it
For now he’s got a sentence to be hung

As he was marching the streets of Derry
I am sure he marched upright manfully
Being much more like a commanding officer
Than a man to die upon the gallows trade

What keeps my love she’s so long and coming?
Or what detains her so far from me?
Or does she think it a shame or a scandal
To see me die upon the gallows tree

He looked around and he saw her coming
As she roads fair to her land a wind
I’ll have them know that they dare not hang you
And I’ll crown my love with a bunch of meat