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Lil' Keke Success Lyrics

Last updated: 04/18/2014 06:01:04 AM

You know, a trash can get a steak sometimes
Nigga like us come around every so often mayn

When they was thinking failure, I was thinking success
When they was saying he aiight, I was saying I'm the best
But now I'm living carefree, niggaz wishing me stress
I'm a ghetto inspiration, bitch I'm looking like success
They use to tell me no, now all I'm hearing is yes
When they was saying I'm cursed, I was saying I'm blessed
I kill these niggaz slowly, did it all with finesse
I'm a ghetto inspiration, bitch I'm looking like success

[Lil' Keke:]
Up early in the morning, bout to take a trip to court
I gotta stand strong, family gone no support
It take a real man, to fall back and understand
To take a fall and lose it all, really wasn't the plan
These niggaz steady talking, my name stay in the press
A ghetto inspiration, who was taught to do the best
I dealt with the stress, and done it for so long
I stay going hard, when niggaz was going home
Was raised in the streets, and hustled when it was slow
I still had faith, when people was saying no
A G stayed strong, turned my losses to wins
You never need a enemy, fucking with fake friends success


[Cal Wayne:]
I'm looking like success, and so I walk with my fitted cocked
Chest swolled up, pants sagging while I ditty-bop
Niggaz put they mask on, and pose in something they really not
You don't like me now nigga, just wait till I get really hot
Lord knows, my dudes been paid and a lil' extra
Made some'ing outta nothing, sometimes I feel special
Was really ten toes in the streets, I had to wrestle
But I'm still strapped, cause I gotta be careful
I'm flying down the freeway, tripping saying God good
Trials and tribulations, partnas snaking but I fall through it
Ke had a dream to be the king, and so I saw to it
Nothing is impossible, whenever I put my heart into it (God's good)
He say your time coming, so I start getting prepared
But feel guys bumping, I feel it in the air
I kick my feet up, and roll some'ing and lit the square
My hard work done paid off, my grind is gonna get me there


I'm looking like success, my mama think I'm successful
So that's my motivation to make it, I hustle extra
They say I'm some'ing special, my story heard by the masses
Trapper turned rapper, I never would have imagined
Music is my passion, so hopefully I'll be blessed
See 106 & Park, and do shows out on the West
Again I'm in the hood with them goods, busting some moves
Saving me a penny on winning, while y'all lose
Ain't so any dudes, are damn near saying fuck it
I'm real and I rap, so the ghetto can't help but love it
A verse up outta Jigga, three thousand a pro say
I can say I made it then, my family is ok