Syleena Johnson Albums

  • Chapter 5: Underrated Album (9/27/2011)
    A Boss
    Fade Away
    Angry Girl
    Like Thorns
    Little Things
    My Shoes
    Label Me
    Go Head
    Bad Person
    The Champ
    Stone Wall

  • Chapter 4: Labor Pains Album (12/23/2008)
    Labor Pains
    Where's the Love
    Is It Because I'm Black
    Be Me
    Redstorm's Domestic Lesson (Interlude)
    You Let Me Down
    Shoo Fly
    Maury Povich
    It Is True
    Your Love
    My First
    Personal Trainer
    Go Home

  • Chapter 3: The Flesh Album (9/13/2005)
    The Flesh - Interlude
    He Makes Me Say
    Special Occasion
    Bull's-Eye (Suddenly)
    Classic Love Song
    Phone Sex
    Still Open
    Another Relationship
    Leave Me Alone
    Apartment for Rent
    Only a Woman
    The Flesh - Outro

  • Chapter 2: The Voice Album (9/10/2002)
    The Voice / Intro
    Faithful To You
    Now That I Got You
    Dear You
    Guess What
    I'm Gon' Cry
    Is That You
    Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go
    If You Play Your Cards Right
    No Words
    So Willingly
    Guitars Of The Heart (Happy)
    I Believe In Love
    Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go (Remix)

  • Chapter 1: Love, Pain & Forgiveness Album (4/17/2001)
  • Love Hangover Album (3/1/1999)

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