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"She's so high, high above me / like Cleopatra, Joan of
Arc, or Aphrodite"

"All of a sudden, all the lights in the room seemed to dim,
and I only seemed to be able to focus on the page in front
of me. Then it hit me like a sledgehammer!" Tal Bachman is
in the middle of gleefully recounting in dramatic detail a
defining moment in his musical life. He had grown up in a
house thoroughly permeated with music, mastering drums,
piano, and guitar at an early age, and, thanks to his
father's voluminous record collection (his father is Randy More...

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Reviews about Tal Bachman songs

here on eath | Reviewer: Portia
    ------ About the song If You Sleep performed by Tal Bachman

i heard this song in the movie Here On Earth with lee lee sobieski, chris klein, and josh hartnett. it's funny because you can really only hear the chorus but i understand why they picked it because " if you sleep" is a reference to dying and in the end lee lee dies.

She's So High - Terrific! | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song She's So High performed by Tal Bachman

My wife and I never tire from hearing this song with its wonderful lyrics, but more than that is Tal Bachman's incredible voice. We will be enjoying this song into our old age. Good job, Tal!

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