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Before Alanis and Tori showed up on the
scene...beforeCourtney and Liz, Fiona, Tracy and Jewel got
a taste of the limelight...therewas 16-year-old Tanya
Donelly. She played guitar alongside her half-sisterKristin
Hersh in the Throwing Muses, writing some of that band's
most engaginglytuneful songs, and helping to break the
ground upon which so many womenin rock now walk. Then there
was Tanya Donelly as the trusty accomplice,joining Kim Deal
in 1990 to help launch the Breeders, another
trailblazinglandmark in the genre soon to be know More...

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Submit Tanya Donelly New Lyrics

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i love myself | Reviewer: tanya
    ------ About the song Pretty deep performed by Tanya Donelly

ok so loke u have the same name as me ur so awesome but guess what i hadit before u so that makes u a lameo hahah u freak and that lyric u have about prettydeep wat the hell me me laught lol enyways go do shit u make me sleep imao!!!!! i love ben so yea u suck

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