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I. Stones Of Years

Has the dawn ever seen your eyes?
Have the days made you so unwise?
Realize, you are.

Had you talked to the winds of time,
Then you'd know how the waters brine,
Tastes of wine,

How can you know where you've been?
In time you'll see the sign
And realize your sin.

Will you know how the seed is sown?
All your time has been overgrown,
Never known.

Have you walked on the stones of years?
When you speak, is it you that hears?
Are your ears full?

You can't hear anything at all.

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A bit earlier... | Reviewer: Craig T | 9/21/13

I was fully impressed by ELP from the first album. However, I had a couple of the Nice albums previously (Emerson) and of course the King Crimson (Lake) albums. I saw ELP in Chicago twice,for the Tarkus tour (Uriah Heep was the front band!) and the Brain Salad Surgery Tour.

I had thought that Brain Salad Surgery was their best. It is still a great album, but I have been just recently rediscovering Tarkus. I think I have changed my mind.... Tarkus is now my favorite of ELP!!!

Music for the Millienium ... | Reviewer: hasebergen | 6/28/13

As I was ten years old ... 1975 ... my older brother bought this phenomenal album. And this is the only one that was my musical companion all over the years since then. No Beatles, no Deep Purple and all the great goups und their albums. This one!
Musical history ... music, that tells us stories. Definititely reference ... Music for the Millienium ...

One of the Best albums of all time | Reviewer: Robert O'Dell | 4/30/13

This was one of the first albums that I ever bought. Saw ELP in Mobile in 1971. No one was ever better! Long years after the original Cotillion(SP?)albums were all gone and it was only on the crappy Atlantic jobbers I was in a music store in Houston and noticed one copy with an "over label". Suspected it as an original and rushed to the counter to buy. It was!; and still in mint condition. What a prize!!!!

Talented musicians. Awesome show. | Reviewer: Apu Peebott | 1/21/13

Dan Vizine: Did Dr. John open for ELP? If so, I was at that same concert in Buffalo (sans the acid). I was just a kid in high school. I was amazed how when the lights went out, it seemed nearly everyone lit a a bowl or joint. My friend and I tried to waft some of the smoke to our noses. Ah, the good old days.

ELP were talented musicians. Every so often I hear their music and lyrics in my head. Thank the Internet Gods for lyrics websites.

Tarkus was the Absolute Best Ever | Reviewer: Rob | 11/23/12

I was a fan of ELP since I was 13 (48now) Tarkus- amazing song. So awesome I named by American bulldog/staffordshire Tarkus. Had to put him down today, cancer. A beautiful, powerful song. And dog.

Buffalo Fall 72 | Reviewer: Dan Vizine | 7/27/12

My first concert, traveled to Buffalo the afternoon of the concert and wandered around the Statler Hilton. In those days you could just ask any likely suspect and score. A guy named Toby sold us some orange barrels...potent acid!! We settled in to our seats and ELP made an indelible imprint. We were utterly in awe, transfixed and forever changed. No sleep that night at all as my friend Jon, brother Marc and I relived it over and over. Tarkus has always been my favorite single album. I'm a progressive rocker in my heart of hearts and this was acoustic ecstacy. Really hurt to watch the dissolution process happen. Only concerts to even chart next to this were Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon tour and Tull's Agualung/Thick as a Brick.

Still makes chills | Reviewer: Dave | 6/25/12

I remember watching ELP for the first time on Don Kirshner's rock concert. Used to simulcast with our local FM rock station, 1973 I think. Like I saw someone else here mention, most friends in high school thought I was a little off for listening to ELP, they were not really cool or main stream.

What brought me here today. I was up early, watching the sun rise over the mountaints when it started softly the back of my mind: "...has the dawn ever seen your eyes..."

I can still hear every note, every intonation. Tarkus was truly epic.

Rediscovery | Reviewer: Kim Cousins | 1/18/12

Like many people my music preferences changed through the years.I was heavily into rock music in my late teens and twenties.I bought many albums which subsequently I got rid of as my tastes changed. What a fool I was to do that!! Now I am 59 and I have turned full circle and am rediscovering my love of the likes of ELP,Led Zep, king crimson, deep purple etc. "Tarkus" as someone else has mentioned, is a one off and obviously embedded itself in my soul, because now I have bought the CD and it's just like I am listening to it for the first time again. I love it.

the best show i ever went to | Reviewer: RADAR | 3/15/11

it is incredible that the 3 of them could put out such fine music. i saw them in Shreveport in 71.a freind and i took 3 hits of screaming yellow zonkers and went to the show. keith had some kind of system where he was at his organ and they lifted it up in the air and it was spinning him head over heels and he was playing and then he pulled a dagger out and was stabbing the organ and it was screaming like a a wounded dinasour. or was that just the acid. no really, it was the coolest show ever. i was 17. thanx ELP

the joy of tarkus | Reviewer: jay | 2/9/11

What a pleasure to finally read the words to one of my top twenty albums of all time!! i just listened to the whole album 4-5 weeks ago, and i was just overwhelmed by it's intensity...tarkus is a masterpiece, never to be forgotten in the hearts of those who love it!

Emerson Lake & Pantus | Reviewer: ELP Pantus | 4/23/10

First album I bought at age 15 was Iron Butterfly, In a gadda da vida. After that I bought ELP #1 in 1970, you know with the psychedellic-dove picture on front: Lucky-man, Barbarian, Knife edge, Tank. Man that blew my mind. This was VIRTUOSO @ WORK.
Since then I have saved my money and collected all albums. Keith, was better then Jimmy Hendrix in my mind, so I did not care about him too much.
The only think that came close was LAZY by Led Zep, from Life in Tokyo.
Mid 80's CD's came along, Mid 90's MP3. So I digitized all ELP and play it in my car now.
I agree with all comment here,
TARKUS IS DA BEST! BSS comes next.

ELP is awesome road trip! music | Reviewer: Deborah Hart | 3/17/10

I have been a fan of ELP since I first heard of them in the 70's. Everybody thought I was nuts. I got to see them 3 times, and they put on a helluva show! I love to listen to their music when I am on the road. It is the best cruisin' music, especially when the highway runs through beautiful, spacey looking scenery! Wonder what they're up to now?

Hard to pick ELPs best, but can't go wrong here | Reviewer: Gary | 5/23/09

The album version is definitive. I'm trying to memorize it all so I can play it in my head note for note. I don't play an instrument. If you can, download a torrent or trade for one of the live versions. Boston 12/73 is my fav. Jersey City 8/73 quality is not as good, but at 40 minutes, it's worth having and enjoying. Keith wears his Tarkus medallion 24x7. Guess that tells you that he thinks of this work as his masterpiece. Bummer he had to cancel his tour due to recurring hand problems.

A Three Part Symphonic Masterpiece | Reviewer: Karl Kotas | 12/18/08

Tarkus is truly a masterpiece of modern symphonic rock. It's uncool to like it now, but let's face it... it's opera, theater, comic books, poetry, drama, mythology,jazz and heavy cosmic symphonic synthesizer rock n roll all put together. Someday, this will be discovered by a new generation who will expand on these themes and the music will be incredible!

Back to ELP after a long time | Reviewer: Bill | 2/2/08

I listened to ELP from the first album on in the 70's. ELP was my favorite group when I was in my 20's. I am now in my 60's and have re-discovered and remembered how much ELP moved me. Tarkus is mind blowing and still moves me as much as it did then. The progressive rock they produced was fabulous. What a great sound.

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