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“The first thing I ever stole was an Otis Redding LP from
my friend’s house,” says singer/songwrite and harmonica
player Taylor Hicks. “I think I was in third grade.”

And though he was born years after the heyday of the great
soul and blues performers, Hicks, spent his childhood
immersed in a steady stream of music by artists such as Sam
Cooke, Ray Charles and Van Morrison. At 16, he bought a $2
harmonica from a flea market in Bessemer, AL and spent most
of his time practicing while other kids were more concerned
with driving More...

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Reviews about Taylor Hicks songs

Taylor Hicks | Reviewer: Carolyne
    ------ About the song Trouble performed by Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks is a great writer, singer and performer, not only this song, but many, many more. Why are his songs not played on the radio stations? After all, he was the American Idol.

Terrible Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Deal performed by Taylor Hicks

The Lyrics are pretty much all wrong except for the beginning.

This is What We Dream About... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Do I Make You Proud performed by Taylor Hicks

I love this chorus and the whole song...I thought Taylor Hicks was okay, but I really love this song. This is my graduation song! I just hope my classmates or I don't cry, since this song is so pretty...

=) <3

This is what we dream about
but the only question with me now
is do I make your proud?
Stronger than I've ever been now
never be afraid of standing out
but do I make you proud?

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