Taylor Swift Albums

  • Red Album (10/22/2012)
    State Of Grace
    I Knew You Were Trouble
    All Too Well
    I Almost Do
    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    Stay Stay Stay
    The Last Time
    Holy Ground
    Sad Beautiful Tragic
    The Lucky One
    Everything Has Changed
    Begin Again
    Bonus Tracks
    The Moment I Knew
    Come Back... Be Here
    Girl At Home

  • Speak Now Album (10/25/2010)
    Sparks Fly
    Back To December
    Speak Now
    Dear John
    The Story Of Us
    Never Grow Up
    Better Than Revenge
    Last Kiss
    Long Live
    If This Was A Movie

  • Fearless Album (11/1/2008)
    Jump Then Fall
    Forever & Always (Piano Version)
    Come In With The Rain
    The Other Side Of The Door
    Love Story
    Hey Stephen
    White Horse
    You Belong With Me
    Tell Me Why
    You're Not Sorry
    The Way I Loved You
    Forever & Always
    The Best Day

  • Sounds Of The Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection Album (11/1/2007)
    Last Christmas
    Christmases When You Were Mine
    Santa Baby
    Silent Night
    Christmas Must Be Something More
    White Christmas

  • Taylor Swift Album (10/24/2006)

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    Reviews about Taylor Swift albums
    Sweet Swiftie | Reviewer: Sweet Sweet Fresh
        ------ About the album Red performed by Taylor Swift

    Hii swiftie,,^^ I love u so so much,,!!
    U belOnG wiTh mE sIncE I have seen u n known u,,!!
    I love u,,"loving u is so nice,, missing u is 24 hrs,,forgetting u is impossible,, n *waiting*...u is hoping to see u:) ,,!!
    Taylor pls come to our country,, Myanmar( Burma ).
    I'm fOreVeR n AlwAys be yur lovely fan,,:-)

    Love u | Reviewer: Eurica martinez
        ------ About the album Fearless performed by Taylor Swift

    I love you very much.I may be the happiest person in this world if I see you.All I wish is that to see you.If someone discourage me to hate just because you are using your boyfriend to write songs,well I will not listen no matter what happen.I do not base about your past because I want you to be my present bestfriend.You are my IDOL because your personality and you are also able to sing.God gave that talent to use it in the right way.Please continue your attitude :)

    ann | Reviewer: I ♥ taylor swift
        ------ About the album Taylor Swift performed by Taylor Swift

    hi taylor :) iloveyou soo much! i really really love your songs♥ you are my #1 idol♥♥♥ all songs in my phone are all your songs. they telling me that i'm so addicted with taylor swift :)because i love taylor swift very very much♥♥♥ takecare always love lots♥♥♥ muaaaa :*

    You're awesome | Reviewer: Maegan Parce
        ------ About the album Red performed by Taylor Swift

    I love you soooo much! Your voice is astounding. I've been listening to your songs since I was probably 7 or 8. I am now 13. Can you please visit Aklan here in the Philippines for a concert someday? I'd kill to see you

    Taylor, i love you. | Reviewer: Giana
        ------ About the album Red performed by Taylor Swift

    I really love Taylor since when I was 8 yrs old. I just want to thank her because this album is sooo beautiful <3 I want to thank Taylor too for coming here in the Philippines this June 6, 2014! :))

    girl at home,stay stay stay,everything has changed and red | Reviewer: sesshi
        ------ About the album Red performed by Taylor Swift

    hi TAYLOR SWIFT i really really loved your songs,definitely.. your my inspiration :) keep writing songs that made us inspire :) You're just a simple but former powerful,your gorgeous karismatic voice,i really love it :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU taylor swift :) i wish i could see you soon ... be strong.

    I love SWIFT | Reviewer: Katie
        ------ About the album Taylor Swift performed by Taylor Swift

    Hi Taylor, it's just that you're maturing in a good way, unlike any other artist. Please keep this and never loose yourself being a good country girl and role model. Lovelots, PS'; I'm the no.1 SWIFTIE ever.

    beautiful album! | Reviewer: spencer
        ------ About the album Red performed by Taylor Swift

    this album is the best! it decribes all the feelings that one can feel in a relationship!
    there is so much emotion going on!
    i love this album!
    it's the best
    i can't say i'm your biggest fan but i am one though n ur my fav singer!
    thankyoufor making this album!

    Amazing | Reviewer: Enchanted_
        ------ About the album Speak Now performed by Taylor Swift

    THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING,EVERYTHING ABOUT IT SAYS TAYLOR SWIFT IS THE BEST!I really recommend this album to people who have only heard of the album red!How about the song story of us,it has a great video and the song has an upbeat sort of style.I couldn't believe Taylor had sung it because even when I hadn't heard of her,this song was everywhere!!!!

    Biggest fan of yours | Reviewer: Sushmita Dhar
        ------ About the album Red performed by Taylor Swift

    Hey I am from India,I just love your songs and your amazing voice.My best song is Everything has changed and We are never ever getting back together.These songs are just fabulous and you know one thing whenever i am sad i just listen your songs or see your photo in my computer.And all my sorrow goes away.Love you and your songs as always<3 <3 <3

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