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For most of the '90s, Ted Leo sang for the punky DC rock
band Chisel, becoming a bit of an indie icon as the
passionate gravel-voiced mouthpiece for the group's raw
soul politics. The band split in 1997 and Leo moved on to
start the short-lived Sin Eaters with his brother Danny and
Van Pelt bassist Sean Greene. In 1999, he recorded a solo
record, the enigmatically titled Tej (?) Leo Rx/Pharmacists
on Gern Blandsten Records, which saw him move away some
from his straight-from-the-heart soulful punk lyricism
towards studio More...

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Review about Ted Leo & The Pharmacists songs
Perfect | Reviewer: no one
    ------ About the song Me And Mia performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

I really love this song. The lyrics are perfect and it still manages to be upbeat.
I don't think we should be attacking people for trying to empathize with those of us who have an ed. I think they're just getting sympathy confused with empathy. And like someone already said, we can't know what they've experienced. Maybe they just understand some of the thought or emotions that lead us to feel this way.

In any case, amazing song, amazing lyrics.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Kate
    ------ About the song Walking To Do performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Love this song - it speaks to the work you have to put into relationships and the comfort in knowing there will be someone there to walk with you.
The laid back feel really makes it a great addition to any road trip mix.

ahh-mazing song! | Reviewer: shayla qualls
    ------ About the song Me And Mia performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

This song is the perfect way to explain me! It talks about how you were unkind, nut you helped to gain self control! I love this song and wish I could hear it everyday. It is my favorite song. Don't do any remixes or changes because it is perfect the way it is now. :)

Great Song | Reviewer: DJSK
    ------ About the song Me And Mia performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

C'mon, anyone uptight about who can and can't relate: get over it! Humans are wired to relate and to empathize, it's the exception if you can't relate. Not caring is a different matter, but relating is natural.

It's a great friggin song, so let's not be sanctimonious about it and just jam to it!

Hella Rad and/or Exra Dope | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

This song is so fucking good, I'm currently scraping the crap out of my drawers. seriously. It's that god damn good, you fucking guy. No, really. You'd like it. Plus it's about a time in music history that's infinitely more interesting than than right now, with the exception of this fucking dope masterpiece. I mean, fuck.

Dont tell people what they do and do not relate to. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Me And Mia performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

I understand why some people get frustrated when people say they understand and relate to something when they havent really been through it. But that doesnt give anyone the right to say that other people have no right to say that at all, especially when they dont know the whole story and make their judgement on a 3 sentenced review.
Who are we to tell someone (especially complete strangers) what they DO and DONT relate to? hmmm?
Just my $.02

And as for the song? I love it. And currently listening to it for the 5th time ;)

'experience' | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Me And Mia performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

How can you ''know'' you relate to something without knowing what it is that you're relating to? The whole point of relating to something is being able to connect a feeling you have to the feeling in [this case] the song, having understood the ''message'' not just with knowledge but an emotional connection, which is most important. I understand how people think it's ignorant to say that those that don't understand have no experience & to write them off like they don't matter, but I'm not saying they don't or that they don't suffer in their own ways. But they don't have full experience, second hand experience is not first hand just like first hand experience isn't second hand. Until you've been placed in BOTH positions you DON'T understand what it's like to have an ed, or what it's like to watch someone suffer from it. That's not meant to offend people, it's just saying take a walk in the other person's shoes no matter what position you're in. Clearly we ALL need to understand each other more. Just because someone believes they deserve or need pain inflicted on themselves doesn't mean they want their friends to think like that too. It's a game of double standards unintentionally, & that doesn't make it shallow or pathetic, don't misread me! An example would be a friend I had that was a cutter & had eds viewed herself differently to the world, almost as an alien or sinner sent on earth to rot in her own hell & she thought that she deserved the pain yet was heartbroken when she found out that someone she loved was a cutter & had eds, she was certain that the other person was beautiful & needs to see it, whereas she just ISN'T. She's soulless, worthless, undeserving, pathetic, horribly, dishonest, cruel, imperfect person who does the world wrong & fails at everything & never will be good enough the list goes on & on, thing is I was that other friend & that's exactly how I feel. I see all truth beauty & goodness in her & she says she sees it in me, yet we never saw it in ourselves & although we try & we dont' & we 'had' each other, it goes to show the vast difference between first & second hand experience. I got a little carried away there & I’ve yet to review the actual song...opps...This song can be viewed as both ambiguous & obvious, depending on what you hear when you listen to this song. In fairness to those that do not suffer from eds have had no experience [first or second hand] or really much knowledge at all about eds ana & mia & are just two girls, yet to those that know ‘who’ ana & mia personify it is as broad as daylight from the get-go. As someone who doesn’t suffer from an ed yet can relate to overlapping traits of ed put ‘I guess that's when art is at it's best - it shines on a particular topic AND illuminates a broader point.’ The lyrics reflect on the less glamorous more deeper personal emotional side to eds which is the core to an ed. I think so many people have to read the lyrics before they hear the words is because it’s so catchy, it’s not emotive, morbid, slow, vocally or instrumentally, yet it’s just there, boldly. It's defiantly unique. It makes the lyrics jump off the page, it’s defiantly a song for people that appreciate music, it’s like a little secret. & by that I don’t mean that if you don’t understand it ‘I’m’ better than you & you’re ignorant, I mean that it’s kinda ironic when people that listen to something for the sake of it say oh I like this song without bothering to understand it cause that’s what eds are like to the rest of the world something that doesn’t exist in their eyes till it’s staring you in this face, & that’s how this song is obvious yet ambiguous. It kinda says to those that don't take from it this is just another song but there's a message for those that do. I hope that makes sense, because I've a feeling I'm coming off rather condescending, not how I intended...ah in summary it's there to take from it, whether in little portions or huge heaps.

this is just PERFECT! | Reviewer: !omg!
    ------ About the song Me And Mia performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

i was just listenin to my IPod and this song came up it's fantastic.i can't relate to it in the way others who have written a report on it but i can relate to it in a way.. i don't know what kind of a way but i KNOW i can relater to it.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Me And Mia performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

I have loved this song since I heard it, what, a year ago. I related to it as it powerfully talks about some of my own experience trying to get control over some of my traits, none having to do with ed. No idea till now it was about ed. I guess that's when art is at it's best - it shines on a particular topic AND illuminates a broader point. wow.

yeah but LOL | Reviewer: zaphraud
    ------ About the song Me And Mia performed by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

All the people who get into the song without ever noticing the very end ... the comparison to people who cease intake for a political purpose, etc?

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