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The task of any great artist is to create days of future
past, to make memories that will be looked back upon one
day with fond nostalgia. Heartfelt songs that invoke love,
play, heartache and reconciliation tend to stand that
particular test of time when it comes to R&B music. Due to
pass that test with flying colors is TVT Records' new
singer/songwriter Teedra Moses, whose debut album Complex
Simplicity harks back to the sassy, playful 1980s tunes of
Cherrelle while blending in her own new millennium brand of

The magnetic More...

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Reviews about Teedra Moses songs

    ------ About the song You Better Tell Her performed by Teedra Moses

I have to admit, I aint ever been in this situation, but day comes ... you best believe, IM GOING TO TELL HER! LMAO .... bitches think they bout it, BRING IT, aint nobody gonna take my men away! LOL, they stay in love with it! That's right, KEEP THE CHANGE! =P


Wow! | Reviewer: not feelin it
    ------ About the song You Better Tell Her performed by Teedra Moses

When I heard this song I was in an exact situation, i was at the club and some chick came up to me and my girls tellin me about how my man does it. So i asked her how do you know? She told me he was comming to her house after she left here...he told me he was going to georgia with his boys...somethin funny. I make the money and I pay the bills, his chump change isnt worth shit in my life. Thats why he was lookin funny when i didnt come in that night, he couldnt see her. and when he did see her, she was standing in my living room waitng with me drinkin henny on the rocks.
Lifes like a dick, when it gets hard fuck it!

Hood's Hop | Reviewer: Day Day
    ------ About the song Be Your Girl performed by Teedra Moses

This song is a headbanger. It's been on every mix tape I've heard since it came out.

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