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After first gaining acclaim for a densely melodic sound
which anticipated the coming emergence of grunge,
Scotland's Teenage Fanclub spent the remainder of their
career as torch-bearers for the power pop revival,
unparalleled among their generation for both their
unwavering adherence to and brilliant reinvention of the
classic guitar pop approach of vintage acts like Big Star
and Badfinger.

Blessed with the talents of three formidable singers and
songwriters (Norman Blake, Gerard Love, and Raymond
McGinley, respectively) all More...

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Reviews about Teenage Fanclub songs

Transcendant Cool | Reviewer: alan
    ------ About the song Gene Clark performed by Teenage Fanclub

Great rock. Sublime pathos. Awesome Guitars . . . gorgeous chord progession.

I'm just wondering what is the connection to "gene clark" . . . a brilliant but sad figure.

Bliss. | Reviewer: Indy
    ------ About the song If I Never See You Again performed by Teenage Fanclub

A Simple song but so beautiful, from probably the most underrated band in the World!

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