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Human Sacrifice Club Temporary Permanence Lyrics

Last updated: 09/07/2013 07:22:22 AM

How naive of me to think,
the lack of ethanol would keep us both in check.
Now i'm not sure which are worse,
the scratches on my back or the bite marks on your neck;
Our bodies don't warrant respect.
Naturally we take turns,
could this recurring theme ever become a chore?
We're counting our friction burns,
most are courtesy of your parents bedroom floor.

All this talk of lust and sin,
has got the pair of us yearning for more.
And this recurring theme of casually sliding towards a bedroom door
(Too much is never enough, so if your wanting more)

Do not hesitate to ask,
or simply propose a subtle rendezvous.
You know i'd forfeit all my plans,
to be within a 5 metre radius of you.
Lets let this chaos ensue.

All this talk of touching skin,
has got the pair of us striving to feel;
The only thing we perceive to be real.
My shirt is ripped and so's your skirt,
we're relatively covert, its true
(A car park is a suitable venue)

Thanks to David

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