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The last year has been an eventful one for The Arcade Fire.
In June 2003, Régine’s grandmother Nancy died; in August,
Win and Régine were married; in September, the Arcade Fire
started recording their debut album. In March 2004, Win and
Will’s grandfather Alvino Rey died; Richard Parry’s Aunt
Betsy passed away in April; in May 2004 the Arcade Fire
were signed to Merge Records, and completed their album. It
having been something of a heavy hitting year, the band’s
minds were somewhat a-whirl. The deaths of Nancy , Alvino
and Betsy More...

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Review about The Arcade Fire songs
Coming from Montral Qubec like Rgine Chassagne from the band. | Reviewer: Sbastien Gagn
    ------ About the song Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) performed by The Arcade Fire

in 1998 there was an ice storm in Qubec we lost all electricity and Montral, and every city near it, was heavily affected. I'm pretty sure the song was inspired by that,

I was 8 years oldat the time and the lyrics states exactly how a kid like me saw it.

Perfection | Reviewer: Gigi
    ------ About the song Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) performed by The Arcade Fire

At first you feel this song in the head and heart, but everytime the bass slides in that way, then it takes your guts and that's when it's just orgasmic.

Amazing stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Intervention performed by The Arcade Fire

I've no idea what the song is about because I'm a simple man,but the sound tugs at my emotions in a big way and brings tears to my eyes, I don't do religion, but I guess you'd call this pull is something to do with spirituallity maybe?

Wiki it | Reviewer: David
    ------ About the song Haiti performed by The Arcade Fire

The female singer(Régine Chassagne) is the daughter of parents who fled Haiti during the Duvalier regime. In the song she speaks of her unborn cousins haunting Duvalier. Her relatives were killed while he was in power. The ones massacred are known as the Jérémie Vespers, who were relative of the Jeune Haiti who tried to overthrow Duvalier.

funny | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Haiti performed by The Arcade Fire

one could maybe substitute duvalier for dessalines,
although duvalier could kill anyone, whereas dessalines was
the dictator who dictated that genocide was the
way to go in the 1800's. Lest history be forgotten.

It was quizzical whether the woman singer in the
group was of french descent and actually mourning from the
french POV or the african one. The great majority of the
exterminated haiti french population was innocent in the 1804 event. I'm sure most of the victims of the papa doc regime were
only victims of circumstance as well.

Inspirational lyrics | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Wake Up performed by The Arcade Fire

These lyrics are full of insights and inspiration. Music like this flows when you're open to life. If you seek truth, look out for the truth contest. There's a free online book called the Present that is needed right now.

A Plea to Feel before its too late | Reviewer: Googiesgal
    ------ About the song Wake Up performed by The Arcade Fire

For me this is an appeal to us all to let go of the 'grown up' ideal of suppressing one's feelings. Instead of feeling nothing, we should fill our hearts with love, express ourselves, and not let our hearts become cold as generations before have done.
The grown ups say it is a mistake to feel, a mistake to cry. But if you go through life without feeling, without love, you will live through the summer of your life and experience only dryness and death.
By feeling, we have our hearts broken, but at least we're alive.
The power that makes us cry (rain) may cause chaos, might need reigning in sometimes
But without it we just die in darkness.

Someone being caught by the mom | Reviewer: Alan
    ------ About the song Crown Of Love performed by The Arcade Fire

I thought this song was about someone who had to stop whatever it was they were doing before their mother caught them in the act. I think it's about masturbation. The line about their mom coming into their bedroom is repeated and quite obvious.

Wrong time frame guys | Reviewer: Parker
    ------ About the song Haiti performed by The Arcade Fire

I just got back from a trip to Haiti. I also have studied the history of Haiti. I think you guys are going to far back. I think this song is about the current third world state of haiti. The soldiers being the UN, who are "protecting the peace" but really just pretending to direct traffic, while protecting the oil that is in Haiti. I don't see any references to the Duvalier regime, but thats just me.

Replying to Shawna's "Broken by the broken" comment | Reviewer: corthew
    ------ About the song Wake Up performed by The Arcade Fire

Well, yes. We are sociopaths/psychopaths in a sense.

Speaking for myself, I was in my late 20's before I was able to reach the point the song writer reached where he realized he had been lied to as a child.
Unfortunately, you cannot easily "un-become" a sociopath.
I care deeply for the world around me but I will never really "feel" the world around me. I'm incapable of it though I would love to be able to again.
The possibility though of bridging that gap again and being wrong again is too painful to risk...again.
I'd rather feel love for mankind from within my barrier.
Its hard to regain that level of innocence that allows you to love when its been abused.
I can't allow myself to risk it again.
Do you get that?

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