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Twenty years and twenty million albums into a career that
began as a low-rent lark in Athens, Georgia, the B-52's
remain the most unlikely pop superstars ever. The first
band to glorify pop culture with an almost Warholian sense
of purpose, the B-52s purveyed their absurd B-movie style
and off-kilter sound celebrating the weirdness lurking just
beneath the surface of Americana not exactly a recipe for
chart success but way ahead of its time, nonetheless. One
listen through the new greatest hits disc Time Capsule:
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Review about The B-52's songs
A Very Fun Song | Reviewer: Eddie Mac
    ------ About the song Bushfire performed by The B-52's

What more can I say, it really is a Very Fun Song. This song reminds me of a simpler time in my life shortly after H.S. when the world was opening up and it seemed like the possibilities were endless. But then again most b 52's songs do that for me...

SHE CUTS HER HAND | Reviewer: Ralph Cade
    ------ About the song Give Me Back My Man performed by The B-52's

I always thought she sang 'She cuts her hand' in the opening line, so makes more sense than cutting her hair if she wants to attract a shark! I think I understand this song now but whatever the meaning just the way Cindy sings it you know she has lost her man and wants him back!

Meaning | Reviewer: Corvette's Diner
    ------ About the song Give Me Back My Man performed by The B-52's

She sad about losing her man. She go to Corvette's Diner in San Diego to get strong magic. She must go to Mission beach and spread magic potion on sand, and chants her wish, "Give me back my man."

She does not get her man back, and commits suicide by drowning.

The witch at Corvette's Diner is sad for failure, and cries, "Give HER back her man!"

not written by a girl | Reviewer: galaf
    ------ About the song Dirty Back Road performed by The B-52's

I hardly imagine a girl writing a song about a fuel engine, foot on the pedal or energized line, not to say dirty back road in a suggestive manner.

If seems a queer love song masked in straight love song, the female singers being accomplice.

Love Shack by the B52's | Reviewer: Byron Hopson
    ------ About the song Love Shack performed by The B-52's

Hello! Some Major Problems with the lyrics here. I can't believe who ever put it together can't hear the difference between 20 and 40.. but all comments aside. Here are my suggestions: ìt seats about 20' False! What it is: "It seats about 40"! Thank you. bye

Idiots Are At the Gates! | Reviewer: Ajarianne
    ------ About the song Dirty Back Road performed by The B-52's

"Anal Intercourse"? Gay? Straight? How old are you people who say this? What color is the sky in your World? If you'd seen the B-52's in interviews they SAID how they came to the lyrics. Also see the video with Cindy singing a capella pronouncing the words. It's "BRAKE FAST" - see the original MTV video of the song - no anal sex involved anywhere. I know - I must be ancient! ~;) Good music - no matter how ya slice it, but the sky is still blue here. Enjoy!

Some things do not need introductions | Reviewer: UKPaul
    ------ About the song Rock Lobster performed by The B-52's

I first heard this when a female friend said you must hear this back in the 80s. I then borrowed all her B52s albums (yeah old days) and loved them. A few years later I worked as a nightclub DJ and if nobody was dancing I would put this on and the floor filled - great dance song then, great dance song now, inspired. I recommend listening to all their music because much of it is "out of this world" no pun intended. This is in my collection alongside Pink Floyd, Beethoven, Abba and Rolling Stones - says it all!

It's quite a sad song... | Reviewer: RideMe
    ------ About the song Dirty Back Road performed by The B-52's

I don't think it's about "getting a little anal action", it's more likely to be about a careless lover - literally. Considering that Fred and Ricky are/were gay, and that Cindy was Ricky's sister, I'd say it's more likely written from the point of view of a young man. He's been a little careless with his lovers and found himself with someone who is using his body in a very cold and careless manner. The B-52s often had a lot of sadness in their songs (and joy, of course) which just makes them all the more interesting.

Rock lobster | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rock Lobster performed by The B-52's

I was a senior in high school when this song came out. I immediately became a B-52s fan and bought the album. It was so different than most of the bands of the time. It prepared me for other bands that soon became my favorites like Devo, Talking Heads, Romantics etc. Hard for me to believe someones first time to hear the B-52s would be on the family guy but at least it got the song out there for others to hear.

Kinda sounds like it? | Reviewer: Stinger6
    ------ About the song Dirty Back Road performed by The B-52's

Is there anyone who doesn't know that this song is about gettin' some back door action? Many of the B-52's songs are thinly veiled references to sex. Dirty Back Road? My God, how much more obvious can you be? And "Roam"? Am I the only person that knows what "Around the World" means? Not to mention "Bush Fire", which is a reference to a natural readhead...if you know what I mean ;)

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