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The saga of the Bangles begins back in 1980, when an add in
the LA newspaper "The Recycler", lead Susanna Hoffs to the
garage rocking Peterson sisters. It was December 9, 1980,
just a day after the assasination of John Lennon, and Hoffs
and the Peterson sisters had a lengthy discussion about the
tragedy. They soon discovered that they had similar musical
influences, from The Beatles to the Grass Roots to Mama's
and the Papa's and more. One thing lead to another, and the
trio decided to form a band. Debbi Peterson played drums,
sister More...

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Review about The Bangles songs
lullaby | Reviewer: Sofia
    ------ About the song Eternal Flame performed by The Bangles

I sing this to my daughter before bed but I change a few words so its telling her to go to bed she lives it the original reminds me of me and her father sadly were no longer together so the songs bittersweet

My wedding song | Reviewer: Jill
    ------ About the song Eternal Flame performed by The Bangles

I had this song Eternal flame as my wedding song I walked into the registry office and got married to my husband with this song playing and it was my first dance music and I had it at my wedding blessing as a first dance song too.

Needs more lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Eternal Flame performed by The Bangles

I really like the song but I think it is lacking lyrics. It should definitely have more of a story to it and more lyrics and I like it should be longer. I believe that any good song sound have at least four good versus. This song is good but definitely lacks lyrics and length.

powerful honesty! | Reviewer: Bob3
    ------ About the song Want You performed by The Bangles

This song shows Vicki Peterson's great ability and integrity as a writer, and while the Bangles' commercial recording of the tune is pretty good, the Gurls really used to completely and totally clobber this number in live performance after the great Michael Susanne Steele came in to the band on bass - fantastic! Some of the most powerful rock and roll ever done, in my opinion. Try the bootleg CD Best in (Live)Show Volume 1 1983-1985: track 21, 9/28/84 at the Ritz in NYC, available on the net if you look around a bit. Vicki's powerful vocal and Michael's incredible bass power Debbie and Sue to the kind of performance that other bands only dream of.

Remarkable hit! | Reviewer: James Boston
    ------ About the song Eternal Flame performed by The Bangles

I couldn't stop listening to this wonderful melody for a month! Can't believe classic can be so awesome like this. I'm preparing a clip for my love's bd, maybe I'll choose this sweet song for my clip's music theme ^_^ !

Another beautiful creation of Prince | Reviewer: CrystalDream
    ------ About the song Manic Monday performed by The Bangles

I truly love this song, the music, the voices and the great songtext written by the amazing musician Prince... This song makes me forget all those manic mondays time and again.
Like you mention, a song you never get fed up hearing...

I thought it was throroughly pleasing. | Reviewer: kavisha
    ------ About the song Manic Monday performed by The Bangles

I thought on the whole it was beautiful. It really lifting my spirts and i enjoyed singing to it around the campfire. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the festivity as a whole.

Yours sincerly


The Bangles on VH1 Hard Rock Live | Reviewer: Erica
    ------ About the song If She Knew What She Wants performed by The Bangles

I was lucky enough to catch the Bangles performance on VH1's Hard Rock Live concert and I thought that they were awesome! Their drummer kicked ass, I thought, and it was truly inspiring to see so many women rockin' out together, since I am of the opinion that there are just not enough all girl rock bands. I mean, not only did they still look totally hot, but they could still hit all those crazy high notes like they were 23. Go girls! If ya'll haven't seen it yet, the rest of the concert is pretty kick ass too!

    ------ About the song Eternal Flame performed by The Bangles

As soon as I listen to this song my soul was so satisfied because thisa ong really expresses a deep feeling of love. It perfectly describes a situation that can happen very often in our lifes.

Awesome | Reviewer: Laura
    ------ About the song Eternal Flame performed by The Bangles

That song is so lovely.
I love that song.
But something thah i do not like is that the person who sing is a little confuse because she or he do not know if the person who she or he loves, loves she or he too.
But is a beautifull song, i like the rhitmic too.
I really love that song.
Congratulations to The Bangles... what about your life??

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