The Brobecks Albums

  • Violent Things Album (4/25/2009)
    If You Like It Or Not
    Small Cuts
    All Of The Drugs
    Better Than Me
    Love At First Sight
    Visitation Of The Ghost
    The Nerve
    I Will, Tonight
    Goodnight, Socialite
    Bike Ride
    Le Velo Pour Deux
    Second Boys Will Be First Choice

  • Happiest Nuclear Winter Album (4/13/2007)
    C'mon Vietnam
    Better Than Me
    Everyone's A Jerk But Me
    One Minute Of Fun
    You Stole My Head
    A Letter
    And Shoot The Sun
    File Code #1459
    Die Alone
    She's A Robot

  • Goodnight, And Have A Pleasant Tomorrow Album (5/2/2006)
    Bike Ride
    West Of California
    Goodnight, Socialite
    Le Velo Pour Deux
    You Or A Ghost?
    I'll Be Fine, Really
    March 1st
    I'll Break Your Arm
    City Lights
    Sleeping Pills
    Heartbreak Or Death

  • Understanding The Brobecks Album (1/1/2001)
    Good Girls
    Sloppy Seconds
    Hey You
    I'd Be A Punk
    John Barnes
    Monday Morning
    Cowboy Song
    Creep You Out
    Why I Don't Smile

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