The Cool Kids Albums

  • When Fish Ride Bicycles Album (7/12/2011)
    Rush Hour Traffic
    Penny Hardaway
    Bundle Up
    Gas Station
    Get Right
    Roll Call
    Summer Jam

  • Gone Fishing Album (5/5/2009)
    Introduction To Ice Fishing
    Hammer Brothers
    The Light Company
    Pennies (The Updated Rosters) Remix

  • The Bake Sale Album (6/10/2008)
    What Up Man
    One, Two
    Mikey Rocks
    What It Iz
    Black Mags
    A Lil' Bit Cooler
    Gold & A Pager
    Bassment Party

  • That's Stupid Album (6/1/2008)
    That'll Work
    Dinner Time
    Box Of Rocks
    Don't Trip

  • Cool Ass Ninjas: The Mixtape Album (4/24/2008)
  • Totally Flossed Out Album (1/1/2007)

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