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“I went to one of your shows with a friend of Spain and we
were both smashed by your songs” – Cesar

Says it all really, as The D4 launched the debut album
salvo across the bows of our local music scene. Things will
never be the same again, right?

The band of rock’n’roll demons known as The D4 began life
in the North Shore suburbs of Auckland. Guitarists Dion and
Jimmy had been hanging out together since the premature
demise of Dion’s first band Nothing At All! (whose only
album is still available through Festival Mushroom
Records). More...

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Wrong Spelling | Reviewer: Mr. Lyrics
    ------ About the song Shake That laffty taffy performed by The D4

The song is "Shake that laffy taffy" not "Shake that laffty taffy."


Mr. Lyrics aka Lyric Doggy Dogg

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