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The Fall are, of course, the best band in the world. Formed
in 1976, they have released anywhere from 25 - 35 albums
(depending on who's counting), and none of them sound like
anything else around.

The band has gone through numerous personnel changes over
the years (there have been about 27 different line-ups so
far), and at present consist of New Musical Express Godlike
Genious Award for Services to Music winner Mark E. Smith,
Julia Nagle on keyboards, Neville Wilding on guitar, Adam
Halal on bass, Tom Head on drums, and Your Granny More...

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Review about The Fall songs
Fall fan review: two face | Reviewer: Stu sturgis
    ------ About the song TWO-FACE! performed by The Fall

This is one of those fall songs that really get in your brain after a few spins. I believe this is off of code selfish but I get that mixed up since there are so many fall albums. MES is in fine form and it has a cool groove with a simple guitar chord structure that is catchy as hell with great embellishments by the rest of this fall lineup. Always tough to know if he is singing about himself but as you can see the lyric is cool.

diseased "hook"? | Reviewer: steve
    ------ About the song THE JOKE performed by The Fall

I always thought he said "hook", not "whup!". " ... diseased hook control room" kind of makes sense, referring to "hook" in it's musical, song-writing context, like he was sick of focusing on putting hooks into songs to make them more marketable, or that the hooks that the PC camp were demanding were lame.

Best intro song on an album ever! Xcellent for alarm tones | Reviewer: Fallen Risen
    ------ About the song CLASSICAL performed by The Fall

Not for kiddies and not for this decade in which musical muse is all advertisements and capitalism. The Fall are equal contemporaries with Joy Division, The Smiths, The Clash, and the Sex Pistols; excepting that The Fall and Joy Division tie for 1st place in 1978-81. Seriously, they don't make them like this anymore. "The Classical" is the album opener from the album "Hexendunction Hour" 1979. Absolutely killa.

why do so many girls hate the fall? | Reviewer: gary
    ------ About the song JAWBONE AND THE AIR-RIFLE performed by The Fall

Jawbone and the Air-Rifle, classic Fall track...right? Not according to her sitting next to me, "I cant even understand the lyrics" So, like the Fall trooper that I am, I went to this site and pushed the number 2 button on Hex Enduction Hour (One of the finest 'hours' in musical history!) So, there they are - among the finest words committed to song, worthy of being framed and placed on the wall at the Tate. I turn round to see her reaction and she's looking the other way!!! Sacrilige! She couldn't even spend 2 or 3 minutes reading the lyrics of one of my favs, and one of the finest songs ever recorded! Where is the love I ask?

With the right sound system what a song. | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song THE MAN WHOSE HEAD EXPANDED performed by The Fall

Being not a man who cares too much about lyrics but rather 'feel', this has been one of my favorite songs for a long time. As the beat continues, the subtle guitar in the background that gradually increases intensity makes this a song I can (and have) listened to over and over.

Best Early Fall Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song FLAT OF ANGLES performed by The Fall

I love this song and quite frankly regard it as the pinnacle of 77-79 Fall. The rolling guitars and Smith's voice weave a dark and lovely tale. Next to the NWRA, this is classic Fall at classic Fall's best.

No number 2 | Reviewer: dee harvey
    ------ About the song DR BUCK'S LETTER performed by The Fall

In the song he doesn't say "2 music", he just says "music: cassettes, CDs". I kept imagining the 2 but eventually a seth pointed out that it wasn't there.

these brits got it | Reviewer: big bib
    ------ About the song PETTY (THIEF) LOUT performed by The Fall

when you listen to the music and read the lyrics you realize these folks are from another planet....or plant

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