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April 2010. Poolside at a Tennessee lakehouse.

Three musicians and a songwriting friend were toying with a
fiddle riff, just to see where it might lead. It became the
hook for a song, and once they launched into the “Home
Sweet Home” chorus, the three voices fell into place with
an unexpected, other-worldly sound.

Instant harmony. Almost-instant band.

THE FARM is in many ways a hybrid act – a trio deeply
rooted in Country Music, that folds in sonic elements from
a variety of popular-music genres – but the core is built
around a solid, identifiable vocal harmony.

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Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Little Boat performed by The Farm Inc.

Okay, at the beginning the lyrics are wrong - it should say little boat, big LAKE - not big LEG. That doesn't even make any sense LOL. It's talking about being on a lake in a little boat. Just about every lyrics site has this wrong. :(

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