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After several years of musical collaboration dating back to
high school, Chris Fogal formed The Gamits with some
friends in 1995. Taking influence from the Beatles and the
Beach Boys and adding their own style of speedy tempos and
catchy melodies, The Gamits focused primarily on writing
power pop songs that relayed their steadily evolving sound.

The Gamits have since released three full length albums and
three EP's in the States and abroad, with another
full-length to be released in June of 2004. Their first two
U.S. releases; “This More...

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Reviews about The Gamits songs

Humbled, warmed and honoured | Reviewer: carmen cilliers
    ------ About the song Sorry Song performed by The Gamits

To sing this song, even in the privacy of my home humbles me, warms my heart and makes me feel honoured to the people of Australia. Thank you Kerry for putting into words what most of us don't know how. Your song is beautiful, it is simple, honest and soulful, if not also gut wrenching. As a native South African and a new resident of Australia I feel so humbled, so raw and so rich all at the same time.

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