The Gaslight Anthem Lyrics

New Jersey has an air about it, sometimes I think it lives
in the concrete like blood through its own veins. If you're
from here, you never lose it, if you're not you recognize
it from a mile away. The Gaslight Anthem, hailing from New
Brunswick, NJ, are no exception. Their lyrics are riddled
with Jersey references, it's almost like there's a deal you
have to make here ... It'll let you out, if you promise to
give her a line or two. But more so than the "Jerseyisms",

The Gaslight Anthem are carrying on for a bigger, less
localized More...

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Reviews about The Gaslight Anthem songs

All the tragedies of love in 3 verses | Reviewer: Greg D. Van Gaya
    ------ About the song Here's Looking At You, Kid performed by The Gaslight Anthem

It's the absolute quintessential lost love song. This song doesn't leave things so resolved, it's about feeling lost or unresolved in the tragic loss of love. When you're not sure if you've given up on a Love, you want them still to want you, you want them to be able to be proud of you, to believe in the fame of your goodness, so that maybe, just maybe you could give it a go again (if it weren't so fucked up). You want all your dreams to be true, so you'll be more attractive and could go back to them honorably. It's about feeling alone in the world, even at a party or where-have-you, and the one who still keeps your heart isn’t there and won’t be there at the next party. You would give them your heart at this or the next party even if they may not keep it right, and you didn't keep their’s right. It's about feeling bad for hurting someone you love, and having to live with that, with yourself as you try to move on (even though you still want a way back to them, either through you mum, your sister, whoever, 'if she calls home, tell her what I don't have the right to say'). It's about holding on and all the myths you create for the grandeur of your commitment to them, because as messed up as it is/was, it was still profound and defines your heart, the very way you feel. It's about giving someone a thousand chances to choose you, but having it stolen away from both of you in the meantime. And so much more. This song just nails it. Maybe the best love song EVER. Here's looking at you kid, I feel has more to do with the fact that he stills spends lots of time with these lovers even though he can't talk with them, can’t just call them up out of the blue. It's the 'looking at you kid' when you walk away from a party you can't relate to... down to the beach to be with all the loves who maybe the moon will send a message to for you... 'Boys will be boys, and girls have those eyes' i.e., boys will fuck up a good thing, and girls will show you what you did, and it'll tare you to pieces for a long time to come - 'waiting by the moon'. Ya, this song encapsulates the lions share of the tragedy of love in 3 simple verses (and a couple bridges).

Love it! | Reviewer: nadiah
    ------ About the song Wherefor Art Thou, Elvis? performed by The Gaslight Anthem

it's just awesome to me. i love the intro the ending...everything... love love love this song... the backups really adds the extra element that makes this song super duper great! go gaslight anthem!

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