The Gathering Lyrics

Frank Boeijen - keyboards & programming (04/12/73)
Anneke van Giersbergen - vocals (08/03/73)
Hugo Prinsen Geerligs - bass (16/12/73)
Hans Rutten - drums & percussion (03/06/69)
René Rutten - guitars (02/07/72)

Holland's premier band, The Gathering, have always been a
continual guarantee for both creatively challenging and
special releases. The band's early Celtic
Frost/Hellhammer-inspired music was as welcomed as it was
primitively heavy, and their transformation into a more
atmospherically and euphorically rocking outfit More...

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Reviews about The Gathering songs

unlimited hydrogen what can I do with it? | Reviewer: billy hendrix
    ------ About the song My Electricity performed by The Gathering

Dear Anyone:
I have been trying to find someone to help me solve my problem. I have unlimited supply of hydrogen and I would like to use it to make some money.
I make it, will some one help me turn itin to money?
Why is so hard to find someone to put their money up where their mouth is?
I am Billy and you can reach me at 407-880-5887 or you can email me at
Thank you for thinking about me.

Beautiful sadness. | Reviewer: Borian
    ------ About the song Jelena performed by The Gathering

There are few songs I can tell that are really touching: "Jelena" is one of them. It's about the girl, who, despite her virtues and beauty, feels sad. She doesn't know how to manage with her problems, so she withdraws. But more important thing is other people also can't help her: they will give her medicines, that shoul help her and make her happier, however they will do nothing but harm. It seems to be no hope... This song is one of my favourites. Music harmonises with lyrics so perfectly, not even mention of Anneke's van Giersbergen superior performance, which gives "Jelena" power and unique climate. I strongly recommend to everyone who loves music.

Cry | Reviewer: rob
    ------ About the song You Learn About It performed by The Gathering

A song that, when i'm in the mood, can make me cry. It's sung with a lot of emotion.

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