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The Jam were certainly one of the very best bands to come
out of the entire U.K. punk/New Wave explosion--perhaps
better than the Clash and the Sex Pistols combined. It's
often been argued that they were much too British to make
it in America, and, for once, such an argument might
actually be correct.

Starting out as a full-on punk unit (with '60s British mod
affectations), the power trio--fronted by Paul Weller, and
also featuring Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler--continued to
evolve throughout their all-too brief career. And by the More...

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Review about The Jam songs
    ------ About the song START! performed by The Jam

If you look at the 2 verses of this song you can see that on the whole the lines correspond one to one.
But there is no particular development or significance in the variations; it's more as if Weller started, wrote one verse, then had another go, altering the lines here and thene: "If we get through for two minutes only" becoming "If we communicate for two minutes only", and so on. And then he takes one line "It will be a start" and thinks: aha! that's a good excuse to just leave it at that. And I know, it can be about 2 minutes long (only). It'll have to be, in fact, as that's all I've got.
Then he gets his mate to nick a Beatles bassline and dumb it down a bit, and - Rick's your drumcle! - another hit.

Having said all that, I must admit I was quite taken with this when I were a lad and knew no better. Or in other words, when I was in the (Mod-style) target demographic. The Jam did brighten up the scene for the semi-discerning seventies/eighties teen.

    ------ About the song PRIVATE HELL performed by The Jam

This was always better live, this and the butterfly collector back to back was a true indication of a song writing genius.
Hard to believe he was 22 when he wrote it or even younger if it was hanging around for a while. Great song on a f****** brilliant album.

Phenomenal song | Reviewer: Aging mod
    ------ About the song WASTELAND performed by The Jam

This is a beautifully written song and classic Weller. I love it and never get tired of listening to it. Wonderful imagery, melody, guitar, pipes, organ... Fantastic!

Had no idea | Reviewer: Billy Hunt
    ------ About the song ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS performed by The Jam

I've sung along with this great tune since first hearing it in the mid '80's. Now I finally know the words, and I'm really moved by Weller's lyrics. Love the Jam, especially since they were able to keep their sincerity while laying the foundation (along with others!) of punk.

Some Never Had It At All | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song HEY MISTER performed by The Jam

It's about the class that consider they are born-to-rule and how they continue to con people into going to war (WMD that can be used within 45 min). It is linked to the view that if voting changed anything they would ban it. It's about standing up to and questioning the powers-that-be. About saying enough is enough, we have heard that one before ("All be over be Christmas" or "Homes fit for Heroes" or "War to end all War").

Insecurites | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song GHOSTS performed by The Jam

Ahh a beautiful song and meaning to me. I always found the lyrics to mean be more open to people, and instead of feeling insecure and not enlightening people how you feel about them....then life's too short so tell them that you love them. Go deep and and be able to be honest so you can look in the mirror with no regrets.

'Ghosts' - A Gift from Paul Weller , | Reviewer: Rich
    ------ About the song GHOSTS performed by The Jam

I first heard this when A Gift LP came out , and along with Solid Bond, my favourite Jam song. For me this is about people who fail to achieve their real potential and a constant theme in Weller's writing and the spirit of The Jam / Style Council . People often cling on to negative - damaging and destructive identities , fail to recognise their own potential as individuals or a community . Since the release of this song Ive had a 20 year career working for the Probation Service , trying to help people overcome past difficulties and achieve their real potential . This song has and remains an inspiration to me - and if I had my way I would have it played in every Probation Office waiting room, court room and prison in the country. At every school or social services office, drug or alcohol rehab or women' refuge. There is no song that comes even close to its simple message or melody - A great gift from Paul Weller and the Jam.

Keep the Faith.

Biting realism | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song BURNING SKY performed by The Jam

When I was a teen I bought The Jam "Extras" from a CD club to fill out my order (remember buy 1 get 8 free?!? - those were the days!) Had never heard of them but liked the name and thought I'd give them a try. If I were on a desert island with only a handful of CD's/albums to bring with me, this would be one of them. This is my favourite track from the album and it closes it out as well. The little guitar strum and bang of the kick drum and cymbal at the end is kind of cheesy and takes away from the song's impact. I don't think there is any older adult (I'm 36) this does not speak to and kinda makes me well up linstening to it. Great songwriting.

All our yrsterdays | Reviewer: John Cormack
    ------ About the song GOING UNDERGROUND performed by The Jam

The song was in 1980 not 1982. I was 18 at the time and the Jam were the most important band to the youth of Britain. Paul Weller was and still is the most underrated singer/guitarist/lyricist of all time in my opinion. Doesn't get the genius status he deserves. Perhaps his songs were too anti establishment. That said the lyrics seem correct. Kidney machines it is.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Jack Wilson
    ------ About the song TALES FROM THE RIVERBANK performed by The Jam

I am a massive fan of The Jam, although born in May 1998, after their prime time. I am a massive cycling supporter, and so it is my country's star cyclist, Bradley Wiggins's love for The Jam that got me interested in them. If you like this song I recommend their other big songs, such as 'Town Called Malice', 'Going Underground', 'Ghosts', 'That's Entertainment' and of course 'In The City'

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