The Lads Lyrics

Mark Millard -Lead Vocals
Chris White -Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Bennett Knowles -Bass, Vocals
Bjorn Bennett -Guitars
Steve King -Drums, Vocals

A radio DJ recently described Lads music as being ‘so
infectious, it’s like a disease… but the kind you actually
want to get!’. The band which originally evolved out of a
bunch of ‘mates who grew up together’ and ‘just became
known as ‘Lads’, now performs each year to around 100,000
people (including many high schools in both New Zealand and
Australia), and has a following normally only More...

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feelings | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Creator performed by The Lads

When I think about you I can't help but notice my love for you is like like a burning furnace all the yhings we've been threw can't get it out of my mind since the day I met you completed my life.

Baby your the one for me I tell you that I love you so please don't hang up the phone because I never wanna let you go I'm just trying to let you knoe that I love you with my corazon and I do not wanna let you go because babyyour my boo and I love you so.

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