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Human Sacrifice Club The Narcissist Lyrics

Last updated: 09/07/2013 07:22:22 AM

At least you tried,
kudos on the tattoos i'm sure they provide,
you with the strength to conjure lines,
bag yourself a sweetheart before your form declines.
But her eyes cant hide,
the fact its in one ear and straight out the other side.
Unfortunate for you but evidently clear,
its hard to be ambiguous when you mirror everyone here.
Mate if it gets by then by all means pretend,
like your some sort of god but i'm afraid the truth,
is your just following a trend.

At least she replied,
but judging by your face it clear you've been declined.
She knows your not after her heart,
your merely yearning for a certain body part..
And thats fine by me,
I do it all the time just slightly more subtly.
You think your flawless, abstract and smart,
the last time i checked tribal tattoos don't constitute art.
But if it gets you by I'm willing to pretend,
your not a narcissist when i'm afraid the truth,
is your just another godsend,
who's simply following a trend.

Thanks to Louie

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