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Blood Red Shoes - The Perfect Mess Lyrics

Last updated: 02/26/2014 07:17:14 AM

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Because you got everything, you can count with one hand
But you spreading closely
I can feel like a better part
You wanted all, you like to play hard
I know, playing on road, what make you hope
The perfect mess starting they try to find cause
The perfect mess starting
So life in the '
It's nothing you can't accord
Don't mean shit to me
Our story can't break a little I can't get off, no love is lost
I had to go, I love all the ride, keep walking fine
They popping 'the perfect mess you make
Yeah, go on and just disappear, go on and just disappear
go on and just disappear
you take what drives you 'what release you '
so I can't save you, it's nothing waiting for you
I can't save you, it's nothing waiting for you
Had your chances but now you blow

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