The Pretty Reckless Albums

  • Going To Hell Album (3/18/2014)
    Follow Me Down
    Going To Hell
    Heaven Knows
    House On A Hill
    Why'd You Bring A Shotgun To The Party
    Sweet Things
    Blame Me
    Dear Sister
    Fucked Up World
    Waiting For A Friend
    Kill Me

  • Hit Me Like A Man Album (3/6/2012)
    Make Me Wanna Die
    Hit Me Like a Man
    Under the Water
    Since You're Gone
    Cold Blooded

  • Light Me Up Album (8/30/2010)
    My Medicine
    Since You're Gone
    Make Me Wanna Die
    Light Me Up
    Just Tonight
    Miss Nothing
    Goin' Down
    Nothing Left To Lose
    Factory Girl
    Far From Never
    Everybody Wants Something From Me

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