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The Unicorns are a three-headed beast; though they were
birthed as a two-headed beast in small-town seaside
canadiana on an exotic island on the western coast.
Nicholas 'niel' Diamonds & Alden Ginger rode pigs to school
and hunted wild boar for pleasure (now they adopt a strict
fruitarian lifestyle. More on that later). Diamonds ran
away from home at a young age, relocating to Montréal -
Canada's gay, petit-paris, to pursue a career in homology
as it pertains to animal husbandry, then moonlighting as a
street strumpeteer in the More...

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Reviews about The Unicorns songs

THE UNICORNS RULE!!!! | Reviewer: Riley
    ------ About the song I Was Born (A Unicorn) performed by The Unicorns

well, my sister kim and her totally awsome friends started litsenung 2 this song a LONG time ago and when i was searching 4 songs 2 put on my i-pod from her i-tunes i found this song and i loved the beat!!!! Now i listen 2 this song all the time and i know all the lyrics!! i can say them right now...

"Leader" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tuff Luff performed by The Unicorns

I'm pretty sure "litre" would be more appropriate in that context.

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